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Being a messenger often is a jumping-off point for people, or perhaps just something they're doing while waiting for their real calling to take off... Some have gone on to be a bit more well-known, and some of these are more well-known than others...



Wired, April 25, 2011

Digital files, cloud computing and accelerating broadband have long put bike messengers on the endangered species list. No matter how fast a messenger is, even a triple rush can’t compete with instantaneous. For messengers, technology is more of a threat than wily cab drivers and potholes.
But, oddly, technology is also what keeps them around. The evolution of software and mobile phones has allowed some messenger companies to work in autonomous cells, rather than as an overhead-heavy hierarchy. A central headquarters is now obsolete, and profit-sharing employees take turns dispatching and making runs.

“Bike messengers will always exist,” says messenger entrepreneur Josh Weitzner, citing all the inventions that were supposed to spell the end for bike messengers but didn’t — the latest being 3-D printers with their ability to produce product prototypes from anywhere in the world.




Velo City Tour 2011




Velo City Tour is an Annual Velodrome racing series created by Kevin "Squid" Bolger in 2006. In support of North American Track Racing and the Cycle Messenger World Championships, Velo City brings riders and their fixed gears from the street to the track!

Over six years Velo City has rocked Nine US Velodromes and sent a total of 24 North American Bike Messengers to the Cycle Messenger Worlds. This year Velo City is proud to deliver two of North America’s best to Warsaw Poland for the 19th Annual CMWC





Career Courier is a feature length documentary film on life as a bicycle messenger. Check out the trailer.





Ashphalt - Jumbo, the Fasest Cat in Town

A portrait of Copenhagen’s Jimmie "Jumbo" - Bike messenger from Denmark





Trailer - Last Men Riding

Dangerous traffic, bad pay and new technologies - Bike Messengers in Downtown LA are becoming an endangered species. This short documentary follows the Last Men Riding.

Trailer - Last Men Riding from Last Men Riding on Vimeo.






World Champion Bike Messenger - Craig Etheridge


When Craig Etheridge went to the Bike Messenger World Championship in Guatemala, he didn't think he would win. In fact, it was his first trip to the competition. In the small town of Panajachel, Craig was the first of 50 competitors to navigate the confusing and often unpaved streets to take home the title. Craig is back at work in Seattle now, delivering all over the city for KNR Couriers.



Asphalt Warrior by Kurt Boone


Asphalt Warrior



In New York City's business districts, billion of dollars are traded everyday and power deals are closed every minute. Within the hundreds of skyscrapers there are dedicated messenger centers that insure and time to the minute the delivery of business documents used to complete deals large and small.
Kurt Boone has worked as a foot messenger for over 14 years, rushing throughout the city in all weather conditions, picking up and delivering these critical business documents. In Asphalt Warrior he tells his story as one of the fastest messengers in the city and his experiences in the now world-famous messenger culture, describing the messenger lifestyle of parties, alleycat racing, riding fixed bicycles and carrying messenger bags to and from the most high-end office buildings and residential apartment buildings in the world.


The Riding Reporter: a ride with the world champion of bike messengers - Ballard News-Tribune, April 13, 2011

Alleycat bike race will bring fun, street cred - Winston-Salem Journal, April 7, 2011

Have ukulele, will travel – News Review, April 7, 2011

Fixie bikes, alley cat races rising in popularity with hipsters – The Voice Online, April 4, 2011

Making speedy deliveries via cargo bike - Downtown Express, March 31, 2011

60 seconds with ... the Delivery Man - Metro, March 29, 2011

Michael Bryant - Our Michael Clayton - Orangeville Citizen,  March 3, 2011

Bike Messengers Allege Police Brutality - Philadelphia Weekly, February 23, 2011

Bike Messengers Allege Police Brutality


Police Brutality

Philadelphia police officers violently attacked two partygoers at the M Room early Sunday morning, according to witness accounts. Dozens of people were gathered at the Fishtown bar for a fundraising party for injured bike messengers.
The police reportedly made their first visit of the night around midnight when one partygoer beat another one with a stick or baton. The attacker fled and a number of partygoers went to give a statement at the police precinct. According to a police spokesperson, the assailant was arrested. About 20 minutes later, another scuffle broke out outside the bar, also known as the Manhattan Room, on Girard Avenue just a block from the El.



Rider on the storm: A rookie bike courier's first winter on the road - February 24, 2011 ,

Studs on Ice - Torontoist, February 14, 2011

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Don't Kill the Messenger 2 alley cat bike race brings 'All Out Warfare' to Madison - Isthmus  - The Daily Page, November 12, 2010

The use of bicycle messengers. An option in the 2010 supply chain? – ETC Proceedings, October 13, 2010

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Stars Get Lessons in Life Out of the Bike Lane - New York Times, October 16, 2010

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Fast technology, slow economy are killing the messenger - San Francisco Examiner, October 10, 2010

The NACCC hits Atlanta's Streets - The Examiner, October 8th, 2010

How to get my job: bike messenger - Westword, October 7, 2010

Cycling gang go green with new messenger service - Bangkok Post, July 12, 2010

Toronto’s Nadir Olivet awarded the 2010 Markus Cook Award 


The International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations (IFBMA) is pleased to announce that Toronto’s Nadir Olivet has been awarded the 2010 “Markus Cook Memorial Award” (MCA) for Services to the International Messenger Community. The IFBMA has awarded the Markus Cook Award (MCA) since 1998 to the person who has inspired and empowered the wider messenger community, and who put all messengers before themselves.

Nadir Olivet


 Nadir has been throwing races, raising money and inspiring messengers for more than ten years.  He is a limitless visionary. He dreams big and he brings those dreams to reality. He has organized the Global Warming Alleycat simultaneously in cities such as Mexico City, Berlin, San Francisco, New York and Toronto. His “Look Ma No Brakes” alleycat brought the largest cash prize to messenger racing. And his Grand Premio of Guatemala introduced messengers to the possibility of competing in every part of the world while contributing to the local community.

 For years Nadir has opened his house, his wallet and his mind for the benefit of others the world over. As the owner of La Carrera Cycles in Toronto, he has sponsored and helped messengers make the adjustment from alleycat racing to professional racing including the Olympic Games.

 Nadir is the most nominated person for the Markus Cook Award, receiving a nomination virtually every year with his nominations coming from all over the world. However 2010 is the most appropriate year for Nadir to receive this award. This year he kept a promise to the people of Guatemala and brought the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) to the town of Panajachel.

 Tropical Storm Hermine brought heavy rains, mud slides and closed roads to Panajachel. Nadir brought bike messengers, inspiration and determination. He led messengers to collect and distribute a large quantity of supplies to benefit the victims of the tropical storm. When the figure-eight track and the polo court were washed out his crew rebuilt them in record time ensuring the Championships’ success. CMWC Panajachel reinvented the CMWC bringing immense pride to the international messenger community. Nadir integrated the Championships with the local community, changing the lives of both the locals and the messengers. Panajachel responded to the efforts by opening their arms to the international messengers and presenting Nadir with the key to the city.


For more information see:
Markus "Fur" Cook Award



October 9th is Messenger Appreciation Day!


This year Messenger Appreciation Day falls on a weekend so most cities will be celebrating on October 8 (10-8)


October 9th is Messenger Appreciation Day!
(10-9 Day) Let's congratulate all bike couriers on the benefits they bring to our cities:

  • a solution to the problems of pollution, congestion and gridlock faced by large urban centres
  • reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the downtown core
  • take up less space on the road and do less damage to the roads than cars resulting in better conditions and streets for all road users
  • increase the safety of pedestrians compared to cars.
  • provide a value added service that continuously improving firms seek out as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • are ambassadors of goodwill for the city
  • year round cyclists who promote the bicycle as a viable form of transportation and economic development

Toronto's 2009 Proclamation and Portland's 2009 Proclamation
The mayor of  Toronto also proclaimed Messenger Appreciation Day every year from 1997 through 2007.  Other Messenger Appreciation Day celebrations in New York City, Chicago (proclamation) and San Francisco.




You're Killing Me!


Mess Media, September 22, 2010

Toronto Winter

Appreciation is something I rarely experience on the road. I show up every day ready to ride hard in every imaginable weather condition and under any circumstance. In one sense it is understandable. There is little time for appreciation because as soon as I complete one job there may be a more important one already waiting.

Deliver or die. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad weather, traffic, mechanical problems or any other extraordinary circumstance. The client does not care.  They want their package right away; otherwise they would probably call UPS or FedEx.

Although customers seldom admit it, they often rely on the bike messenger to be their hero. They need someone to keep them from going to jail or someone to save them from losing millions of dollars or someone to make up for all the inefficiencies, office politics and  procrastinations that led them dangerously close to missing a major deadline.

Now it’s all on me, the bike messenger. If I succeed it is expected and I am on to the next tag immediately. If something goes wrong, I’m expected to fix it. I’m the fall guy. If the client had the wrong address, or the wrong contact name, it doesn’t matter. I will be expected to spend some time trying to fix the problem and save the client. Some companies will charge extra for the time, others will not. Most will charge some of the time but ultimately I will not know if I will be paid for my extra time and effort until long after the tag is complete.



Markus Cook Award - call for 2010 nominations


It’s time to call for nominations for this year’s Markus Cook Award for services to the international messenger community.

Markus Cook Award

This will be the 13th year that the award is presented. It was started by Buffalo Bill in 1998, to remember Markus and to draw attention to messengers whose work benefits all of us.

From the IFBMA’s Markus Cook Award page:

“The MCA for services to the International Messenger Community is not a prize for winning a race. At the time the Award was conceived, CMWC was beginning to be more about the racing than the happening. I [Buffalo Bill] wanted to re-establish the spirit of the championships, to restate the reason that we all come to this event every year. The MCA is a reflection of the axiom that everyone who comes to a CMWC is a winner, whether they race or not.

Markus himself was very much in love with the CMWC, and in many ways he was the unlikeliest bike racer imaginable. He was several other things, of course. Editor of Mercury Rising messenger zine, unofficial spokesperson of the SFBMA, leader of L Sid, and a friend to all. The enthusiasm of Markus brought CMWC and the international messenger community to San Francisco, and it saddens many people to this day that he did not live to see it.

This award is for people that inspire and empower the wider messenger community, that put all of us before themselves.




Messenger world championships go to the rookies in Guatemala - Velonews, September 14, 2010

“Bin Laden” played polo at CMWC - dragoness' utterances, September 14, 2010

Panajachel Messengers Race Part 2 - dragoness' utterances, September 14, 2010


CMWC 2010  Panajachel Guatemala


Congratulations to the 2010 CMWC champions Craig Etheridge of Seattle and Reitzel Josephine of Lausanne!    


Check out 2010 CMWC champions and podiums

Landslides and bike messengers - Connor Boals, September 9, 2010

A Generous Subculture of Bike Messengers - dragoness' utterances, September 8, 2010

The show goes on: Guatemalan landslides challenge Cycle Messenger World Championships organizers - Velonews, September 9, 2010


CMWC 2010  Panajachel Guatemala
CMWC 1998 Group Photo


CMWC 2010  Panajachel Guatemala started. I'm not there but I'm excited!

La Ocho marks the return of the figure-8 track and CMWC vistis LAtin America for the first time. Congratulations to everyone who made it there and special thanks to Nadir and his entire crew for making it happen. I had nothing to do with it but I'm still so very proud of this year's CMWC.

It's not from Panajachel, Guatemala  but anyway here is the group photo from the 1998 CMWC in Washington DC.

CMWC 98 Group




Ride of Silence and Vigil for Darcy Allan Sheppard



Bryant Watch, August 26, 2010

Toronto cyclists will be holding a ride of silence for slain cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard at 1pm on Sunday August 29, 2010. The ride starts at Bloor and Avenue Rd.

The ride will be followed by a candlelight vigil later that evening around 7:30pm at Bay and Bloor.

The ride and vigil will commemorate the first anniversary of Sheppard’s death on August 31, 2009.

Sheppard’s courier friend’s Uncle Dropsi and Sunny D have release a song and video to remember him.

The 33-year old Sheppard was killed after an attack by former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant.

Witnesses and video evidence showed that Bryant deliberately rammed his car into Sheppard knocking him to the ground. Witnesses also described Bryant as intentionally speeding the wrong way down Bloor Street, mounting the curb and crashing Sheppard into a fire hydrant and mailbox before fleeing.

Despite video evidence and witness statements, special prosecutor Richard Peck dropped all charges against his fellow British Columbia-bred lawyer. Critics of his decision pointed to Peck’s propensity to drop charges in high profile cases involving government and police officials.




Apparently (Al Sheppard)

Update: The video is also out!



Uncle Dropsi and Sunny D have teamed up on a new track about Darcy Allan Sheppard.

In their own words:

This track is about our friend Al, who was run down and killed in a road rage incident on August 31, 2009. He was killed by the former Attorney General of our province (like a state) and the bastard had the charges dropped almost a year later. Many from Toronto’s – and the world’s – cycling community were absolutely incensed that there were no consequences to taking my friend’s life. Anyone who knows, knows. This is our take on it.



The song can be heard and downloaded for free at

Uncle Dropsi on myspace

Sunny D on myspace



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Backpedalling on dubious manual - Metro Vancouver , June 29, 2010

Driver Assaults Bike Messenger Downtown -, June 24, 2010

Things San Franciscans Like About Bike Messengers: Everything -  SF Appeal, June 23, 2010


10-9 Radio - Episode 7


In this edition of 10-9 Bicycle Messenger Radio, We call our good friend Nadir, El Presidente of this year’s CMWC in Panajachel. We had a pretty good visit and our lucky 7th program has now been dedicated to shining a light on an incredible individual whose heart is as big and strong as the story that made him that way.

Regarding Panajachel, Guatemala; He says “with what little you bring is going to change this community, and with what little this community has is going to change your life.”

CMWC 2010

The CMWC2010 Compilation CD has 2 new tracks on this show and is going to help financially contribute along with other plans that are coming together to involve the surrounding villages during the Championships, I mean if you haven’t heard the wonderful making of a movie here, where an industry (bicycle messengers) come to visit and leave a lasting mark and set a tempo that will be historic in it’s proportion onto a community who wants to help us celebrate. The news is beginning to leak out…

But that is not why we called him, we know he is a great guy, it was to help our community understand a little more about the man, if you don’t know him, the if not already infamous legend Nadir Olivet. Come share a couple minutes with us.



Global Gutz Results



The results are up for the 2010 Global Gutz race. Congratulations to the winners!

1st male: Saschist from Berlin, Germany
1st female: Sabicat from Warsaw, Poland

They win tickets to  CMWC 2010  Panajachel Guatemala



Bike courier wants to curb city's bad cabdrivers - The Whistleblower, June 2, 2010

Purcell makes the break from bike messenger to national champion - Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, June 1, 2010

Over-the handlebar incidents inspire Cycle Courier Art - The Hub, June 1, 2010

Bryant’s charges dropped but PR continues - Toronto Media Co-op, June 20, 2010

Facebook Group - Justice for Darcy Allan Sheppard


This is justice?


When a cyclist is killed by a driver, justice is nearly always stacked toward the driver. And in this case in Toronto, the scales were tilted even more than usual.

By Bob Mionske

On August 31, 2009, the worlds of two strangers collided in the posh Bloor Street shopping district of Toronto. In the aftermath, one of those strangers, a bicycle messenger, lay dead, while the other stranger, the former Attorney General of Ontario and a rising political star, stood accused of causing the cyclist’s death.

About a year later, on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, Richard Peck, the special prosecutor appointed to try the case, dropped all charges against Michael Bryant, the former Attorney General accused of causing the death of bicycle messenger Darcy Allan Sheppard.

I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

From the beginning, this case involved more than just an encounter between a cyclist and a motorist gone awry. As I noted in When Worlds Collide , issues of race, class, and power were a subtext to this case from the moment that Bryant shut off his car’s ignition in the driveway of a luxury hotel, after fleeing the scene where Darcy Sheppard lay dying in the street.


Canada's cycle couriers: in the eyes of the law, roadkill - Guardian, May 28, 2010

W.A.T.T. 28 podcast about the Bryant-Sheppard case
- What's All This Then, May 27, 2010


The Peck Brief – Advocate for the Defence Part 1


Bryany Watch - May 27, 2010

An analysis of Richard Peck’s brief reveals that he relied heavily on the unchallenged statements of Michael Bryant to come his decision to drop the charges. Peck cherry picked evidence to support Bryant’s claims and either suppressed or ignored alternative evidence that challenged Bryant’s version of the events.

Darcy Allan Sheppard and Michael Bryant

On May 25, 2010, special prosecutor Richard Peck announced that all charges against former Attorney General Michael Bryant would be dropped ruling that “there is no reasonable prospect for conviction in relation to either of the charges before the Court.”

Bryant had been charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death in relation to the death of cyclist Darcy Allan (AL) Sheppard after a traffic altercation on August 31, 2009. Most cases end with the ruling of a judge or jury but this case ended with the ruling of a single criminal defence lawyer acting as an independent prosecutor.

Peck released an eleven page brief analyzing some of the evidence and justifying his decision to drop the charges without a preliminary hearing of the evidence. His brief answered few questions but also raised many more.


Bryant Walks - Now, May 27, 2010

Top Canadian lawyer told he will not face trial over Toronto cyclist's death - Guardian, May 26, 2010

And Justice for all - May 26, 2010

Velo City 2010 at Washington Velodrome - Time Out Chicago, May 24, 2010

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Psycho cycler's revenge - Attacks limo & driver who hit him – New York Post – April 9, 2010

Bike Courier Service a Boon for Santa Cruz – City Hill Press, April 8, 2010

Couriers the latest free-enterprizers on two wheels – Toronto Observer, April 7, 2010


Dallas' Earliest Bike Messengers


 Bike Friendly Oak Cliff


This is a picture of my wife’s grandfather, Gordon Mackenzie, as a young Western Union messenger boy in Dallas circa 1923 (third from left). Gordon died last year at the age of 96 but was a messenger from the age of 12 to 14. He’d tell us stories about his Western Union days, and wearing down three different bicycles while working for the company. His bicycle of choice was a Pierce-Arrow which was outfitted with a shaft drive instead of a chain.

The interesting twist to the story here is that Clyde Barrow also worked for the Western Union as a bike messenger. Gordon didn’t remember if they worked together, but considering they were only a year apart in age, the likelihood is high.


Jamie Staff backs London cargo bike scheme - Bike Radar, March 31, 2010


Neither Pain nor Crowded Streets nor Doom of Industry Deters D.C. Bike Couriers


 infoZine, March 28, 2010

For Kevin Keefe, 57, being a D.C. bicycle courier means one thing: freedom.

Keefe has been a bike courier for 24 years. He works for Quick Messenger Service. Bicycling might be his business, but he'll never be caught behind a desk.

"According to a lot of people, I still haven't grown up!" Keefe said.

Many bicycle couriers like Keefe still make daily rounds in defiance of the digital age. The Internet may be taking over the messaging market, but there is still enough business to keep D.C.'s bike couriers pedaling.

Bicycle couriers often spend rush hour weaving through traffic and cutting across city parks. Businesses and government offices use them to move documents and parcels across town.

To those outside the profession, couriers' work might seem dangerous.

"Most friends outside of this job think I'm crazy for doing it, for biking like an idiot downtown in traffic," said Patrick Peoples, 24, a courier for LaserShip Inc. "For me, it's a rush."

Couriers work as independent contractors for dispatch services and take jobs as customers place orders. Dispatchers contact individual couriers who choose specific deliveries to make.



Mayday, Mayday



Each day bicycle messengers are faced with the challenge of riding through unpredictable traffic to get time sensitive packages to clients. The Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund is a 100% volunteer-run, registered charity (no. 20-0842274) that has been around for a decade. When the unfortunate day comes where a messenger is injured on the job, the BMEF aids individuals to lighten the financial burden when they must take time off to recover properly.

Toronto's Courier Massive is holding its first annual fundraiser for the BMEF MAY 1st, DUFFERIN GROVE PARK
Polo all weekend 11am to 5pm
Alleycat registration @5pm
Gun goes off @6pm
$10 minimum to enter events


Stolen bike found by the "don't steal bikes bro" street team - NYC Massive, March 25, 2010

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Obama’s Budget Targets Misclassification of Independent Contractors


Mess Media, February 2, 2010

President Obama’s budget for the 2011 fiscal year (which begins October 1) seeks to limit widespread abuses by employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors in order to evade their responsibilities.

In a video chat, Labor Department Secretary Hilda Solis noted that a budget is much more than numbers. It “is an expression of the department’s priorities.” Solis was clear that one of the Labor Department’s top priorities will be the independent contractor issue.

As part of the 2011 Budget, the Departments of Labor and Treasury are pursuing a joint proposal that eliminates incentives in law for employers to misclassify their employees; enhances the ability of both agencies to penalize employers who misclassify; and restores protections to employees who have been denied them because of their improper classification.

The Labor department would receive about $25 million and 100 additional enforcement personnel to work in support  of a new “multi-agency initiative to dramatically strengthen and coordinate federal and state efforts to address employer misclassification of workers. “
Jane Oates, assistant secretary of the Employment and Training Administration said that “the goal is to improve capacity to identify misclassification through increased information sharing and targeted audits in high-risk industry sectors. These efforts will prevent misclassification, increase statutory enforcement where appropriate, and enable collection of payroll taxes previously lost due to misclassification, such as in the Unemployment Insurance program.”


London Courier Emergency Fund get rough ride from art’otel plan - Islington Tribune, January 29, 2010

Some courier companies concerned over Olympic traffic restrictions - News1130 radio, January 28, 2010

Delivering despite the elements - BBC, January 11, 2010

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Bike Messengers Deliver Despite Weather -  WSMV TV Nashville, January 8, 2010

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10-9 Radio - Episode 2, January 1, 2010


Darcy Allan Sheppard - A Life's Last Moments


Bryant Watch, December 7, 2009

Darcy Allan Sheppard

On August 31, 2009, former attorney general for Ontario, Michael Bryant, killed cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard in one of the most violent and horrific cases of road rage in Toronto's history.

Neither Michael Bryant nor his wife, entertainment lawyer Susan Abramovitch, gave statements to police regarding the circumstances that led to Darcy Allan Sheppard’s death. They will have many months to tailor their testimonies to fit the known evidence and weave it seamlessly into a vigorous defense mounted by one of the most elite criminal lawyers in the country.

Bryant’s victim, Darcy Allan Sheppard, who was known as Al to his friends, will not have a voice at the trial. He will not have an opportunity to challenge Michael Bryant’s carefully scripted and rehearsed testimony. He will not have a chance to correct Bryant's devoted wife and an experienced lawyer when she unconditionally supports her husband of twelve years on the witness stand.

Al’s voice needs to be heard. It's important that people have an opportunity to understand his life's last moments. Al could have been any one of us. He just happened to be the cyclist who crossed paths with a driver on the verge of a road rage meltdown.

I have attempted to rebuild those last moments of Al's life from his point of view. All of the events are based on the factual evidence contained in security camera video, witness statements and news reports. Al's point of view is also primarily based on the factual evidence as well as my own experiences as a bike messenger and cyclist.



A bike messenger without a bike


Toronto bike theft

Mess Media, December 6, 2009

Stolen bikes


Toronto like most cities has a massive problem with bike theft and many of its victims are bike messengers. The possibility of having my bike stolen is always in the back my mind whenever my bike is out of my sight and every time I walk out of a building I am relieved to see my bike still there.
For years most cyclists in Toronto suspected that Igor Kenk, owner of a notorious used bike store on Queen Street West, played a part in the stolen bike racket. Anyone that had their bike stolen was first advised to go and check out "Igor's bike shop" on Queen Street just east of Strachan. Despite what was common knowledge amongst Toronto’s cyclists, it appeared that Igor would never be held accountable for his sketchy dealings with stolen bikes.

I first met Igor in 1993 when his shop was located further west on Queen St between Shaw and Ossington, across from the Queen Street Mental Health Centre. At the time I was living on Shaw Street, a little south of Queen Street and I just started working as a bike messenger. I was happy to have a bike shop nearby, especially one that was often open as late as midnight.


Province, accused bike thief settle case - Globe and Mail, December. 4, 2009

Bikes are mine 'unless you have a police report' - Globe and Mail, July. 28, 2008

Bike thefts 'really big problem' - Toronto Sun, July 13, 2008



Choking Us To Death - Science catches up



Ten years ago Toronto bike messengers warned of the dangers of smog to our health in “Choking us to death: The Air Pollution Crisis and Its Effects on Bicycle Couriers.”

Couriers pointed to a unique vulnerability due to exposure to both the ground-level ozone and  particulate matter present in smog and to exposure to peek levels of pollution together with long-term exposure to non peak levels.

“Bicycle couriers work all day, year round in the midst of smog. Our lungs have minimal opportunity to recover from the effects of polluted air. We are chronically exposed to high doses of dangerously polluted air for long term, extended periods of time.”

The athletic nature of the profession requires messengers to “spend more time outdoors, breathe faster and engage in vigorous physical activity.”

This danger to couriers is exacerbated by the location of the athletic activity which means that a bike courier’s “lungs are not more than about 10 feet from an exhaust pipe for most of the day.”

Since the release of “Choking us to death,” many studies have confirmed couriers’ concerns.



For more information read "Choking us to death:the air pollution crisis and its effects on bicycle couriers (1999)"

Long-Term Ozone Exposure and Mortality – New England Journal of Medicine , March 12, 2009

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Strong, brave, fast and free. No wonder we admire messengers and their style


For years civilians have watched and immitated the functional fashion of bike messengers. From bags to clothing to accessories the bike messenger's influence on urban lifestyle continues to grow. Why?

Jeffrey Kidder's paper in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, "Style and Action: A Decoding of Bike Messenger Symbols" concludes that "messenger style is intertwined with messenger practice." The marriage of style of and function lends an authenticity to messenger style. And it's a piece of this authenticity that civilians seek in their immitation of messengers.

In the introduction to the photography book, "Messengers Style", Valerie Steele, Chief Curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, notes that "when high fashion draws on street style, it’s not only because there is something special about the clothes. It is the lifestyle and attitude associated with subcultural clothing styles which attracts attention. Sometimes straight people want to live the life."

Introduction  to Messengers Style  - Assouline Books, 2000
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Media Stalking the Messengers? - Messmedia, October 9, 2007


  Media Stalking the Messengers?

Mess Media, October 9, 2007

What’s going on with messengers and the media?

Everywhere you look the media is hyping some new aspect of messenger culture as the next big thing. And they may be right. Messenger culture and its youth oriented styles, street edge and outlaw image has been making inroads into the mainstream since the first Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) in 1993 in Berlin Germany. Since then messenger bags have become the accessory of choice for office workers and students.

And now recently many urban cyclists have started trading in their city mountain bikes for the fixed gear bikes associated with bike messengers. They even refer to messenger events as part of their “fixed gear culture.”

Stylist John Steinberg describes messengers as being “ahead of their time.” He says “They’ve got that edge. You see something on a courier. Maybe in a year later it will hit the mainstream. They’re slick. They’re cool. For want of a better word, they’re cool. The real world for them is cool.”




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