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Messenger bags that deliver

Toronto Star, May 29, 2003

Who better than a former bike courier to design messenger bags?

That was Reba Plummer's line of work before she and partner Pete Gray switched gears and opened The Bike Ranch, a small bike shop catering to couriers and commuters.

"We found we were doing lots of repairs on messenger bags," Plummer recalls. "Almost everyone at that time was using a knapsack, a mailman's bag or a news delivery bag. They just don't hold up to the wear and tear."

So, in 1995, Push the Envelope was born. The collection is tailor-made with couriers in mind. "Our bags are comfortable with a padded shoulder strap and a three-point harness that stabilizes the bag so it won't shift when you're riding. There is also reflective tape so the bags are very visible and they are waterproof."

Three different styles cater to various degrees of use. "Our full-on messenger bags are made from Cordura nylon that is really tough," Plummer says. The larger size is $190, the smaller is $160. The classic commuter bags have a truck tarp waterproof liner and sell for $120. There are also street bags, which assume minimal wear and tear, priced at $40.

Plummer closed The Bike Ranch in 1999 to devote all her energy to Push The Envelope, including the growing custom division. Requests have included bags bearing the Starship Enterprise, a skeleton in the fetal position, a Jimmy Buffet-inspired parrot, Spitfire jaws, and flags from Canada, Thailand, and Newfoundland.

Push The Envelope messenger bags are carried at Urbane Cyclist. The street styles can be found at Get Outside and Annie Thompson. Custom orders can be made by calling 416-367-5944 or visit www.pushtheenvelope.com


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