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Beside Jen Anniston there are many other ex-messengers who are no longer referred to as kamikazees: actors Damon Wayons, and Jeneane Garafalo, musicians Rob Zombie, John Linnell(They Might Be Giants), Sade, and Ron Sexsmith, authors Henry Miller, and William Saroyan and athletes Nelson Vails and Dave Reid among others.

From the ridiculous to the faintly dull…

Turns out Jen Aniston is focusing her talents on scriptwriting. She’s
penning a comedy inspired by her life in New York before she hit the
big time, when she was working as a bike messenger. “It’s real life,
but with lots of comic twists,” she explains. “And because a lot of the
situations really happened to me I can really play them well.”

Production on the flick is already scheduled to start by the end of
year — and, who knows, it might actually turn out to be better than it
initially sounds. After ten years on ‘Friends’ some of the writing
teams’ comic talents may well have rubbed off…


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