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Ken Schram is a hypocrite.

He picks and chooses which laws should be enforced yet he complains about cyclists doing the same thing.

He said in the past, "there's no respect for the law. I wonder how much that has to do with legislators who pass bad ones."

If there can be bad laws why can't there be bad laws that apply to cycling too?

Schram once complained about police stopping and ticketing motorists for not wearing seatbelts. Another time he called for "some parking enforcement leniency." Schram referred to laws targeting car owners as "stupid laws." 

He also complained about the city tackling scooter laws by claiming that the city "avoids focusing on the really tough transportation issues." Maybe he should look in the mirror. Instead of complaining about a minor issue like cyclists he too should focus "on the really tough transportational issues."

Wouldn't it be nice if guys like this shared the same attitude toward his fellow motorists as he does toward cyclists. The rest of us would like to share the road with motorists who "obey the rules and laws of the road” too.

When motorists break the law they say the laws are wrong. When they speed they complain the speed limit should be raised. When they are caught it's a "cash grab." It's the same with photo radar, red light cameras or seatbelts

Motorists like Schram (including over 40,000 dead every year) would be better served if they waited until motorists themselves "obey[ed] the rules and laws of the road," before they turn their attention to other road users.

Messenger Institute for Media Accuracy


Time To Tick Off The Cyclists Again

KOMOTV, August 17, 2004
By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - A Seattle bike messenger stopped by to chat with me.

He was a nice enough guy who wanted to make it clear that he thinks I'm a real jerk.

He doesn't like my attitude toward cyclists in general, and bike messengers in particular.

Just to be clear: I have no problem sharing the road with cyclists - so long as the cyclists obey the rules and laws of the road.

But I have no use for those who take it upon themselves to blow through red lights, make illegal turns or, as I saw yesterday, go the wrong way on a one-way street.

Anyway, bike messenger guy wanted to peddle his interpretation of traffic laws, which is: They don't apply to him.

His rationale is that he's on a mission from God, or at least lawyers and escrow agents.

I asked him why that should let him ignore red lights.

His answer: Because he can.

Now, it could just be me, but that's the kind of arrogant attitude I find with a LOT of cyclists.

Maybe not most, but certainly many.

They've got this "I own the road" mentality that's infuriating, not to mention dangerous.

I enjoyed explaining all that to bike messenger guy.

But I'll tell you what I'd enjoy even more: Watching cops giving tickets to him and his pals.

I guess that's just the kind of jerk I am.

Want to share your thoughts with Ken Schram? You can e-mail him at kenschram@komo4news.com


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