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London messenger wins award

First Edition Cycling News for October 15, 2004

Edited by Jeff Jones and Hedwig Kröner

The International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations (IFBMA) has awarded Buffalo Bill Chidley of London the Markus Cook Award (MCA) for service to the international messenger community. Since 1998, the IFBMA has awarded the MCA "to the person who has inspired and empowered the wider messenger community, and who puts all messengers before themselves."

"Bill's continued enthusiasm for the community is an inspiration. I'm not sure messengers.org and my participation within the IFBMA would be what it is today without his encouragement and overall spirit," said council member and 2001 MCA recipient Joel Metz.

An incomplete list of his contributions to the messenger community would include organizing the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) in 1994 and the 2003 European Cycle Messenger Championships (ECMC) in London. He is one of the founders and Chair of the London Bicycle Messengers Association (LBMA) and his "Moving Target" is the world's longest running messenger zine. He's not a bad courier racer either noted by his title of Veteran's Champion at CMWC 1996 in San Francisco.

Bill was the only president of the IFBMA's predecessor, the International Federation of Cycle Messengers and Companies (IFCMC) and a driving force behind the creation and continued success of the IFBMA and its concept of grassroots organizing including the annual open forum.

After the death of London cycle courier Sebastian Lukomski this past February Bill and the LBMA have mounted a campaign to prevent similar tragedies. To date seven London bicycle messengers have been killed while working, all by heavy goods vehicles (HGV's)

The LBMA's campaign seeks to ensure that "HGV operators be persuaded that they have a duty of care towards vulnerable road users," and that HGV's be equipped with appropriate safety equipment such as near side mirrors eliminating blind spots. The LBMA calls for a ban from Central Congestion Charge Zone on all HGV's that fail to comply.

On the web:
Markus Cook Award: http://www.messengers.org/ifbma/mca.html
IFBMA: http://www.messengers.org/
LBMA: http://www.londonmessengers.org/
HGV campaign: http://www.londonmessengers.org/hgv.html


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