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Too Cold to Courier

January 14, 2005, KARE 11 News, Minneapolis-St. Paul

By Ken Speake

When temperatures remain below zero during the day, those who work outside do their best to prepare.

Karl Neher thought he was ready when he headed out into Friday’s sub-zero temps. He was dressed in layers and wore his fleece balaclava over his face, “Y'know, this thing actually helps keep my breath warm.”

Karl Neher is a bicycle courier and process server in St. Paul and the work doesn't stop just because the temperature gets dangerously cold.

His bike seems to hold up fine, though he isn’t willing to push it, “ I'm just gonna leave it in that gear because I'm pretty sure the derailler's frozen.”

Friday he had an IRS filing at the court house, papers to re-file

John Hicks is an ER doctor at HCMC and he says guys like Neher need to be very careful, “We've certainly seen some very severe frostbite injuries over the past few days and a lot of minor ones.”

While Neher covered up as Dr. Hicks advised, wearing ski gloves with liners inside, he was still feeling the 23 below wind chill, “Losing feeling in my fingers, though. Good Lord! It is cold!”

Neher had started the day figuring he'd prepared pretty well but the day changed his mind, “This is probably going to be my last winter doing this. This is crazy!”


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