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Couriers with helmets

This article is somewhat misleading in that it sounds like Bruce Todd had some kind of realization after a bicycle accident 2 years ago but in reality he's been pushing helmets for over 10 years.

While he was Mayor he promoted a helmet law for all Austin cyclists in 1996 but it was amended in 1997 so that it only apllied to minors .

Last year he tried again to force all cyclists in Austin to wear helmets. He didn't do so well with that so this year he's going after couriers.

Couriers with helmets

Austin American Statesman, June 4, 2007

Speaking of cycling, former Austin Mayor Bruce Todd has fired off a slew of letters to downtown businesses, asking them to hire only bicycle couriers who wear helmets and not to release packages to those who don't have a helmet with them. He also wants to encourage couriers to obey rules of the road.

"My hope is to send a strong message to courier companies and cyclists that the Austin business community values the safety of its bicycle messengers and wants safer streets and sidewalks downtown," Todd says.

Todd, who was injured two years ago in a cycling accident, now supports efforts to make helmets required gear for bicyclists of all ages. He notes that New York City recently passed a law requiring bicycle couriers to wear helmets.

The response to Todd's letter-writing campaign so far? None. Todd says he hasn't heard back from even one downtown company.




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