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Handgun vs bike courier

Budapest Sun, August 1, 2007
A former government commissioner has claimed "self-defense" in an argument with a bicycle courier, which may yet see charges brought.

“I was attacked, in a very unjustified and inexplicable way, and it was in this situation that I had to act in self-defense,” János Vadász, a former government commissioner told national television MTV on Sunday (July 29).

The politician got involved in a quarrel with a bike courier last Tuesday, and allegedly pulled out a replica handgun from the glove box of his car, to threaten the biker. The case was revealed after the courier reported the incident to the police.

The matter became confused, however, when daily newspaper Népszabadság, based on wrong information, accused Fidesz MP Károly Kontrát with the incident. Kontrát rejected the claims immediately, and threatened legal action. Vadász contacted the police on Sunday (July 29) to clear up his role in the incident, and the newspaper has, since then, apologized several times to Kontrát.

Since Vadász is not an MP, and he has no immunity, a police investigation has been launched.




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