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News: Chrome Aces Messenger Cards

All proceeds benefit injured messengers in four metropolitan areas.

Bike Mag, July 18, 2008

By  Drew Streip

Bicycle messengers brave the streets daily and have the scars to prove it. That’s why we were stoked when we found the Chrome Aces Messenger deck of cards from the apparel company Chrome.

Think of this as a cooler version of the "55 Most Wanted Terrorists" deck issued to soldiers. Each card in the Aces deck features the picture of a different messenger from New York, Portland, San Francisco or Chicago - the bike courier hubs of the U.S.

With the help of local photographers and riders, Chrome assembled this deck as a reminder to drivers to watch out for the two-wheeled messengers.

All proceeds from the sale of Chrome's Aces goes towards the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund and the courier associations in those four cities to benefit messengers who are injured on the job.

Injuries, lofty medical bills and lost work put the skids on bike couriers’ livelihood. So cough up 10 bucks and support your courier colleagues. You'll remember to drive more carefully and have a unique deck of cards at your next poker night.

For more information on ordering the Chrome Aces Messenger deck, visit

The Chrome Aces can be purcahsed online from the NYBMF store.