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Clients Reveal Their Most Creative Efforts of the Year

Photo District News, December 9, 2008

By Rachel Hulin

Yes, even in bad economic times, there's room for creative risk-taking and innovation. We continue this month's Create feature online by asking more ad agency creatives and magazine photo editors to describe the undertaking their most proud of this year. Many shared their thoughts on how to stay creative and innovative in times of uncertainty.

Jenny A. Myers
Associate Creative Director
Drake Cooper

The identity work we did for Northstar Bicycle Couriers braved the battleground of many brainstorming sessions and arrived, on the other side, with all limbs intact. We wanted the photography to capture the many virtues of the bicycle courier business (rule bending, street speed, efficiency at all costs, enviro-loving attitudes)… we gave rise to some mud-splattered, spandex-wearing saviors, always ready to swoop in, speed through alleyways on a two-wheeled, white steed, and deliver your package in safety to its heavenly destination. …We were committed to finding a creative solution that could…transform two hard-working, regular guys into saints.

We paid meticulous attention to the materials we were using. North Star has a green ethos and we wanted to represent that and carry it throughout the entire production as much as possible. Almost all of the materials were found, borrowed from bike shops or purchased from a metal scrap yard. [We] enlisted the services of Greg Simms from Tri-digital Group to shoot the project. Greg is great to work with; his energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

I love to push the creative envelope. Innovative work is the driving force behind this profession. I think there are two key components of creating work that challenges creative boundaries. The first, obviously, is to come up with something original. The second is to sell the idea to the client. Getting buy-in from the client can be difficult at times. Different industries and clients pose different challenges.

I think clients want to be open to new and interesting ideas but are scared of taking risks, especially in today’s economy. However, I really feel that it is more risky to stay stagnant and pick the safe choice. The key to advertising success is differentiation.