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Hilda Tiessen

Cyclometer #59, February 1997

Hilda Tiessen, beloved member of the cycling community, died in her home on Friday December 20, 1996. Hilda was the founder of Sunwheel Bicycle Couriers, a past member of the Toronto City Cycling Committee and a CAN-BIKE instructor. She left an important legacy to cyclists in Toronto.

Hilda founded Sunwheel Bicycle Couriers, Canada’s first [modern] bicycle courier company in 1979. With her partner, Barbara Weiner, they established a successful business which at one time employed over 50 bike couriers and three dispatchers. The business was based on Hilda’s belief in the environmental and practical benefits of using bicycles instead of cars and on her belief in cooperative working environments. She will be missed.

Memorial donations may be made to the Breast Cancer Network at (416) 244-1443, or the Women and Environments Education and Development Foundation at (416) 516-2600


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