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Food as Fuel Deduction Raised to $17 per day

To those concerned,
This may come as old news to some, but H&C received phoned confirmation today from Canada Revenue Agency superviser Rick Wilson, that the daily rate for active transport (foot, bike, transit) messengers has been raised from $15 to $17 /day worked.
Again, the information is slow in reaching us as this change took effect at the beginning of 2006 !!!
We've been advised that those who have already filed will have to refile to see any rebate.
As the CRA readily admitted to me, they have had a tough time finding this information in their system. I've been talking with them for the better part of a week. They now will try to make this sort of info more accessable, in the future.
When written confirmation arrives, we will forward it.
Wayne Scott
PS - And a round of thanks to Steve Beiko for the tip, eh?    

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