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“Have never seen such courage exhibited by a young man,” says coroner

Toronto Star, May 27, 1938

A jury under Chief Coroner Dr Smirle Lawson, last night returned a verdict of accident al death in the case of Robert Thompson, 19-year-old messenger boy who fell from his bicycle May 11 into the path of a street car. Twenty two witnesses were heard.

“In all my medical experience I have never seen such courage exhibited by a young man,” Dr. Lawson told the jury.

“With his legs almost severed at the thighs, he pulled three telegrams from his pocket and and asked someone to see that they were safely delivered.”

“The wealth of a nation is not in her money but in her people. As long as Canada produces boys with courage and devotion to duty like the late Mr. Thompson we need have no fear for our country’s future.”


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