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monitors, analyzes and corrects media reporting errors and bias concerning messengers and couriers.

Messenger Institute
 for Media Accuracy

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Benefits of messengers
Messengers reckless?
License or Label
IC a.k.a. employee
Messenger Appreciation
Messenger Memorial

Labour Issues


Disguised Employees (IC aka employee)

The Straight Dope on Independant Contractor Status (IFBMA)

NYBMA's Know Your Rights Manual

New York State Department of Labor Independent Contractor Guidelines (pdf)

Independant Contractor - Do's and Don'ts - Preception & Culture (pdf)

Independent Contractors Battleground of Success (MCAA)

Employee or Self-Employed  (from Canada Revenue Agency)

Request for a ruling as to the status of a worker under the Canada Pension Plan or Employment Insurance Act
PDF cpt1-04b.pdf (25 KB)
PDF fillable cpt1-fill-04b.pdf (60 KB)


FedEx drivers Ground and Home delivery lawsuit

Rulings - Messengers are employees

Estrada vs FedEx Ground  - California 2005

FedEx Home Delivery and Teamsters (NLRB - Massachusetts) 2005

Dynamex Canada Inc. v. Mamona (Canada) 2004

Montana Dept. of Labor & Industry Independent Contractor Unit (v FedEx 2003)

AFM Messenger v DEM (Illionois) 2001

Boston Bicycle Couriers vs Division of Employement and Training (Massachusetts) 2001 

Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law Advisory

Hollis v Vabu Pty Ltd [2001] HCA 44 (Australia) 2001


Messenger IC contract (1993)

Under Constuction - More coming soon


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