Toronto Sun - October 7, 1998

By Gary Dunford

HOLY SPOKES: Put World Teacher's Day behind and celebrate 10-9 Day, honouring that devoted gang that actually does the city's grunt work. Toronto's closing Temperance St. Friday to throw a free bike courier breakfast. Jack Layton proclaims Messenger Appreciation Day in 1 MAYOR's happy absence. And bike god Wayne Scott gets a City of Toronto certificate to celebrate his court victory, winning couriers the right to deduct food as a business expense. Oat bars for everybody!

The worldwide 10-9 celebration was born in San Francisco eight years ago, named after the radio call that means "Say again" or "What?" It's also what pedestrians scream if they hear a tell-tale hiss of tires behind their butt. Fifty local courier companies make 1.2 million deliveries a year. Gangway. Comin' thru. Lycra. Spandex. Hot envelopes. And muscle for da ladies.

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