Proclamation Makes Bike Couriers' Day

Vancouver West Ender - October 8 / 98

The city's 300-plus bike couriers finally have their 10-9 Day this Friday, the tenth month's ninth day. City Hall has officially proclaimed it Bicycle Courier Appreciation Day, a first in Vancouver. "They didn't really want to proclaim it the first time around, but have followed the lead of other cities", says Dave Holden, co-owner of a bike-only courier company, Relay. Couriers worldwide will recognize 10-9 Day, "10-9" being radio code for "what?" - a voiceless, oft-repeated form of rebellion against annoying dispatchers. Ultimately, couriers hope the city's business community thanks them Friday for their ongoing efforts. "Bicycle couriers don't get much respect out there," says Holden, who tells of incidents of couriers chasing down crooks and helping heart-attack victims. Near Burrard SkyTrain station, a quiet memorial is planned to remember local couriers killed in a plane crash many years ago. Elsewhere, San Francisco couriers reportedly plan to turn off their radios between noon and 1 pm to memorialize those who have fallen.

The day's proclamation will be on display at 885 West Georgia until the end of business hours Friday.

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