Beantown Stinks

By Aaron Teasedale

The planet's bike messengers are getting organized, and they're pissed. The International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations (IFBMA), in its first-ever Hall of Shame Awards, has proclaimed Boston, Massachusetts, "the world's worst city in which to work as a professional bike messenger." Now surely Boston has some good things going for it - baked beans, marathons, and tea parties - but when it comes to being a bike courier's city, Boston doesn't cut the mustard.

Messengers there can be fined $100 on the spot for failing to produce any of three licenses; it's another $100 for failing to wear a helmet - a law exclusive to couriers. They are required to carry more than double the insurance of taxis and other cars, and the strict authority of Boston Police is downright Orwellian. Check out

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