Bike messengers name Boston "World's worst city"

The Bicycle News Agency 03/1999
February 22nd, 1999
By: Ernst Poulsen

The International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations has launched a media attack on the city of Boston for discriminating cyclists.

According to the messengers association Boston's legislation requires cyclists working as professional commercial messengers to carry greater insurance than either taxi drivers or automobile drivers.

A new act also states that bicycle messengers, must carry reflective numbers on their backs, a specific license plate - and an Identifying license.

Beyond this, only working bicycle messengers are required by the City to wear bicycle helmets, and the Police Commissioner is specifically provided with the power to suspend, deny and revoke driving licenses of bicycle but not automobile couriers.

City officials publicly claim it a necessary tool for traffic safety, but according to the messengers association Boston has no legislation to cover messengers who deliver by car, and they therefore feel the new act discriminates cyclists.

As a result the International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations (IFBMA), has awarded Boston with the first ever "Hall of Shame Award" as the world's worst city in which to work as a professional bike messenger. Later this year the messengers will point out the best city for cyclists.

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