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Collective Agreement - CUPW-SYLCO

No harassment, intimidation, or stronger disciplinary action exercised or practiced with respect to a courier by reason of age, race, creed, colour, national origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, physical handicap, sexual orientation, etc.

Seniority to be established and maintained

Grievance and Arbitration Procedure includes:
  • Recognition of Union Stewards;
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Union Stewards;
  • Union Stewards to be Paid While Performing Union Duties (hourly rate: $15.00);
  • Right to Complain;
  • Right to Present a Grievance;
  • Time Limit on Grievance, Reply and Referral to Arbitration;

Discharge and Discipline:
  • Access to Personal File
  • Company to notify a member in advance of any interview of a disciplinary nature
  • Right to Representation

Entitlement to Vacation Leave:
  • Three (3) weeks of leave per calendar year during the first ten (10) years of service
  • Four (4) weeks for couriers with more than ten (10) years of service 
  • Possibility of obtaining additional leave that cannot be refused for reasons other than the Company's operational requirements

Entitlement to Bereavement Leave

Injury-on-Duty Leave

Leave for Union Business

Ten (10) designated holidays per year

New assignments to be filled by seniority

Procedure in situations where there is a surplus of work

Automobile insurance (currently set at $12.00) 

Protection when driver's license is revoked

Part II Of the Canada Labour Code to apply (health and safety)
Procedure regarding the handling of dangerous goods

  • When the Company requires that couriers wear a uniform, it shall bear all costs for couriers with more than two (2) years seniority. For couriers with less than two (2) years' seniority, the courier and the Company shall share the costs equally.

  • Pay period extends over two weeks;
  • Administrative and accounting costs are borne by the Company;
  • Procedure to deal with errors in pay;
  • Recovery action limited to not more than twenty percent (20%) when amount exceeds $30.00.

Compensation rate:


Basic rate
After 12 months
Fuel premium

  • From December 1st to the last day of February of the following year, excluding the period between December 25 and January 1st,  couriers who use a bicycle shall receive a 7% increase;
  • From December 1st to the last day of February of the following year, excluding the period between December 25 and January 1st, couriers who use a motor vehicle shall receive a  3% increase;
  • These increases do not apply in the event a courier is absent for unjustified or unauthorized reasons, for a total period of one hour within a single week;
  • Couriers who currently receive a rate of commission that is higher than those listed above shall continue to receive such rates;
  • For inter-city service, couriers shall receive $1.00 for the first item collected at each pick-up point and $0.50 for each additional item to be delivered to a different location from the same pick-up point;
  • Protection for salaried couriers.

Compensation Adjustment:

  • The Company agrees to pay each year, for the duration of the collective agreement and as a way of improving working conditions, an amount equal to 2.25% of the total compensation paid to couriers during the calendar year.
  • This amount is deposited in an account held in trust for the Union for each pay period.
  • For 2005, the compensation adjustment covers the period between August 1st, 2005 and  December 31, 2005,.

Communication Equipment and Accessories:

The Company agrees to pay for all installation costs of a communication system,

  • The Company shall provide couriers with a communication system that meets their needs;
  • In the event of initial breakage during system's normal useful life, the Company shall bear the repair costs for damages to the system;
  • In the event of additional breakage during the system's normal useful life caused by abuse, neglect or wrongful use by the courier, he or she will be held responsible and be required to pay for repairs;
  • Couriers shall pay rental fees for the use of such communication system, as follows: $63.00 per month for couriers with fewer than ten (10) years of service and $50.00 per month for couriers with ten (10) or more years of service;
  • Customers who require a courier to have a pager shall pay for such pager.

The parties agree to create a Joint Committee on Work Rules. Its mandate is to review, develop and implement the provisions that govern work methods and requirements.

The Company agrees to maintain at 85% the ratio of sales figures that currently exist between Sylco (covered by the collective agreement) and Messageries du Grand Montreal, which belongs to the same owner and is governed by a collective  agreement with the Teamsters.

The Union shall be granted access to the workplace provided it gives advance notice to the Company. This right of access shall not be denial without reasonable grounds.

The Company shall provide bulletin boards for the use of the Union.

As a condition of employment, couriers become members of the Union and dues are deducted from the monthly earnings.


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