Jen Zen Weinstein
San Francisco, d.19.August.2018

Jen Zen 

Jen was a walker at Aero when I started on Hiro's board in 1989. Wheels and Cat and Rocketman and Woody where there along with O. The scene was electricdynamo, we were all young, free and wildcrazy, we were immortal, still are. We can never really stop being there for we never really stop being, we are, we just are. Jen was burning like a house on fire, she was hard to see, so bright it hurt my eyes. I knew she was a sister right away, a lost member of my tribe. No, I was lost, she helped me get found. I found myself in all of us, and Jen was right near the center of our world. We all knew her, we all loved her. She was tough and sweet and cool yet vulnerable...perfectly flawed, she shone, she shimmered, she quaked with toughness.She called me on my bullshit, I can hear her right now, "Bullshit" she would tell me, dozens of times. (i'm a bullshitter) How she came to be our Dogmother is not really important, the fact is she just belonged there. She was a natural born leader, a compassionate fellow worker, she loved her dogs and they worshiped her, she nourished them and they would fall on their swords for her. I know some who would have died for her, who are dying inside now. Jen Zen is the closest thing we got to a true to life fuckin saint, she suffered and made our sufferin bearable, how could we not persevere, she did, we must. By sheer force of will she made us all better, Jen pushed so we could coast and I will never, ever forget the love for life she exhibited. Jen darling, your fortitude will forever be an example to us all. Your life had meaning, we should strive to find some in our own by studying yours. See you some night soon in my dreams baby, then; rest until we meet again. - Xander Robb

Jen Zen passed away on August 19th, 2018. She courageously fought cancer for so long and demonstrated her incredible strength. Jen touched the hearts of so many: decades of messengers, clubs, concert makers, sport arena providers, wherever she went- she made friends all over- she was a Queen. It is hard to imagine this world without her. She will be cherished always. SFBMA

fun fact I actually met Jen Zen and Bok Choy for the first time at the messenger champoinships in Berlin 25 years ago August 1993. I had seen them around SF on the streets and elsewhere but had never hung out with or talked to either of them up until that point in time. Never laughed harder never had a better time in my life. I love you guys Matt Royston

Carla and I are deeply saddened to hear of Jen Zen's passing. I am forever honored to be her friend she will never be forgotten. Huge respect to Bok Choy Mark and Chrissy Slamon and just everyone so many people I can't name you all or thank you enough for what all of you have done for Jen all of these years. This is what happens when people really stick together. We send our love to all her friends and family near and far heartbroken Matt Royston

i may not have ever known Jen Zen as well as some, or even many, in the sf messenger community - and i may not have even really been in any sort of contact other than this facebook stuff since i left sf for portland... but her passing today, even knowing full well it was coming, even knowing that shed decided it was time, that the cancer shed fought tooth and nail for years now had won and it was all inevitable, is a colossal punch in the gut - because its not just hitting me, its hitting my whole, far-flung community of sf messenger friends old and new, and the knowledge of what she meant to ALL of us, has walloped me. i will remember all of the good, and there was so very much of it. RIP Jen - the worlds a little less bright this evening, but i dont expect that to last, on account of the brightness of all of our memories of you. Joel Metz

Many times we'd come into Black Dog to hang out,she'd have Teletubbies kids TV on.Id said I wouldn't stop by the hospital,but glad I did,things went so fast...once she got home.Must have been ruff when Black Dog went to Pelican as Bryan,Ralph and I fit in,moving with the tags.Black Dog was a special place...with her.Bryan gone too,and who knows who else...but we all knew that,just not when,do what you can.I feel a deep sense at her passing on,so much of all our party life for so many years,we all knew her.I wasn't ready for it so soon,I haven't had time to let it sink in yet. - Jr Junior

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