Mohammed Abdullah
New York City, d. 9.June 2019, killed by drunk driver.


Mohammed Abdullah had been granted asylum in the United States and was preparing to apply for a green card when a driver killed him on Avenue D in East New York on the night of June 9th. Treasure Liggins, 22, was arrested the next day, and charged with manslaughter and driving while intoxicated, among other charges. At the time, 29-year-old Mohammed was living with four roommates, all Bangladeshi immigrants like himself, in a small apartment in East New York. “He worked for Uber food delivery and GrubHub,” Mohammed’s friend and landlord Mostafa Hossain said. “I was really upset about it because he was always a happy guy and friendly. He would always make a lot of jokes when we’d meet together.”

Mohammed was an honest and careful person, according to his friends, and would sometimes ride on the sidewalk to avoid large cars. As Hossain recalled, “Whenever he goes outside he’s very careful… he always tried to be cool with people.” Mohammed immigrated to the United States across the Mexican border in 2017 with his friend and future roommate, 35-year-old Shohel Vhy. The men spent two months in a detention center near the border, according to Vhy. In New York, they worked for delivery apps in order to send money home to their families, and dreamed of eventually saving enough to start their own business. “We were thinking maybe a restaurant,” Vhy said. Another former roommate, 29-year-old Shahad Shahad, delivers anywhere from 30 to 70 hours per week. He said that the work is dangerous, especially when it’s raining. “This is a dangerous job all the time,” Shahad said. “I’m looking for a different job right now. When I get a new job, I’ll quit this job.”

  From - 2019. Was An Extremely Deadly Year For NYC Cyclists Here Are Their Stories, (BY EMMA WHITFORD), Gothamist, December 17, 2019.


Brooklyn Paper, June 10, 2019
By Aidan Graham

A drunk driver fatally struck a man who was riding an e-bike in Canarsie on June 9, according to authorities.

Police arrested 22-year-old Treasure Liggins, who was allegedly speeding along Avenue D at around 10:30 p.m., when she lost control of the vehicle and struck 29-year-old Mohammed Abdullah near the intersection of E. 105th Street. After hitting the e-biker, Liggins proceeded to strike the side of a building, cops said.

Liggins, who later failed a sobriety test, had been traveling with a 4-year-old child in the rear passenger seat, according to investigators.

Emergency first responders arrived on the scene and took Abdullah, who suffered severe trauma to the head and body, to Brookdale Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Liggins and the child were taken to Kings County Hospital where they were treated for minor injuries, according to authorities.

Following the gruesome crash, police charged Liggins with vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, acting in a manner injurious to a child and driving while intoxicated, among other charges.

Abdullah’s death marks the 11th cyclist killed in the city this year, and the ninth in Brooklyn. The total 2019 fatalities has already surpassed the 10 total cyclist deaths throughout all of 2018, according to city data.

Sunday evening’s fatality marks the fourth Brooklynite killed in car-crash related incidents this weekend, after two people struck a traffic pole in Marine Park, and a pedestrian was struck by a car in a Bath Beach crosswalk.

Charged: Treasure Liggins was arrested on June 9 and charged with manslaughter, driving while intoxicated, criminally negligent homicide and other charges after she fatally stuck a e-biker in Canarsie.

Drunk driver speeding with 4-year-old son in back seat fatally strikes Brooklyn Uber Eats deliveryman, a Bangladeshi immigrant in the U.S. on political asylum: cops

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 10, 2019

A drunk driver speeding through Brooklyn with her 4-year-old son in the back seat fatally struck an Uber Eats deliveryman — a hard-working Bangladeshi immigrant in the U.S. on political asylum, authorities said Monday.

Treasure Liggins lost control of her 2007 Infiniti G35 on Avenue D near E. 105th St. in Canarsie about 10:35 p.m. Sunday, slamming into the victim on his e-bike, then jumping the curb and crashing into a building, according to cops.

Mohammed Abdullah, 29, had just made his last delivery of the night when he was struck riding his Arrow 10 e-Bike, devastated friends said.

“Everyone wants to know what happened,” said pal Fakrul Islam, 24, a Domino’s delivery driver. “Between last night and today, I have gotten 200 phone calls.”

Liggins, 22, of East New York, was hit with a slew of charges including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide — plus aggravated DWI for having her son in the car with her.

She and the victim lived within a mile of each other in East New York.

Abdullah’s friends use an app called Zenly to monitor each others’ locations. They noticed he was stopped in one location for two hours Sunday night and began to worry. They kept calling and he didn’t answer so the concerned friends converged on the crash scene.

“My friend called me and said Abdullah did not pick up the phone so we rode over there," said Arifur Rahman Sobuj, 27, an Uber driver who roomed with Abdullah. “And then I see the police.”

“Then the cops say he is no more," Rahman added.

Abdullah was sent flying through the air by the impact, landing in the roadway. He was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital but couldn’t be saved.

“He had just delivered the food," said Khokon Ullah, 34, another roommate and friend, who works at Domino’s. "This job, he didn’t like it but he had to do.”

Abdullah worked in a shop making copies and teaching computer classes in Bangladesh, where he was targeted for political reasons, friends said. He came to the U.S. in 2017 and was held in immigration detention in Texas for four months before winning political asylum, according to pals.

“He was involved against the ruling party (in Bangladesh),” Islam said. “He won asylum and this year he was going to apply for a green card. And this will not happen because of this incident. Believe me, we know what we lost."

Liggins’ mother, Jasmine Liggins, was shot to death in Bedford-Stuyvesant in 2008 and the suspect, the mother’s boyfriend, was later fatally shot by police in North Carolina moving in to arrest him for the crime.

Treasure Liggins and her son live with her great-grandmother.

“I saw her yesterday afternoon at about 5 p.m. At that time, she seemed fine,” the great-grandmother, Betty McLendon, 81, said of Liggins. "It is a shock to me. She’s a good mother, a good person.”

Liggins told cops she drank a single glass of boxed red wine at a children’s birthday party four hours before the crash. When she consented to a blood test two hours after the crash she was just below the legal limit of intoxication, prosecutors said.

Judge Joseph McCormack ordered Liggins held on $50,000 bail during her arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court Monday. Her lawyer dabbed tears from her face during the brief court appearance.

According to prosecutors, Liggins told police she thought the victim was homeless. She and her son were treated at Kings County Hospital after the crash for minor injuries.

Defense attorney Jamal Johnson denied Liggins was intoxicated at the time of the crash. He said she only had the car for three days and that there were problems with the engine belt and brakes.

 “We are investigating the sale of this vehicle,” he said.

Abdullah’s parents are in Bangladesh and can’t afford to travel to New York to plan his funeral, relatives said.

“His mother cannot believe it," said Abdullah’s uncle, Belal Hossain, 59, a yellow cab driver who lives in Harlem. "She said, 'This isn’t true!’”

Abdullah dreamed of opening his own fried chicken restaurant in New York, friends said.

“Whenever he visits my home I say, ‘Don’t bring anything.’ But he does all the shopping and brings it," Hossain said. “He was very honest and sincere.”

The city Department of Transportation announced a rule change last year clarifying that pedal-assist e-bikes are legal on city streets, while those with throttles enabling speed over 20 mph are banned.

“We are devastated by this horrible incident,” Uber spokeswoman Jodi Page said. “Our thoughts are with Mohammed’s family and loved ones.”

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