Rob “Robski” Walaszkowska
London, d. 15.November.2019, .


Robski was a longtime London bike messenger by way of Poland. He was in an accident and suffered a head injury, fractured neck and spinal cord damage. he underwent surgery but passed away shortly afterward.

It’s with great sadness that we learnt that Rob passed away earlier this morning. He will be missed by many. All our thoughts go to his family who have suffered great loss already with the passing of his brother, Darek, a few years ago. - RIP-
For those who want to celebrate Robert’s life and friendship, there will be a memorial service at some point soon organised by the London courier community. - ‎Stephanie Bartczak

Dorota, Rob’s sister has been in touch and would like to thank everyone for their generous donations and kind words in these difficult moments. She takes comfort knowing that Rob was liked, supported by the London courier community and that many attended his memorial to say goodbye. Thanks to Natalie and Akos for organising. Some of the money raised has been used for the cremation and the rest will be used for the funeral and gravestone in Poland. The funeral will take place next Tuesday at 12 in Kartuzy. If anyone wanted to attend, they are more than welcome and will be accommodated. There will be an alleycat on the 6th December I believe. People who could not attend the memorial will be able to add their messages and condoléances to the memorial book if they wish. It will then be sent to Rob’s family.
Likewise, if anyone has photos of either the memorial evening or the upcoming race, pass them on to me or Akos. If anyone wants to send anything to the family, DM and I can pass on an address in Poland. - ‎Stephanie Bartczak

Rest in peace robskid, never a dull moment when you was around. will be sorely missed - Mac Shermy

Hello Natasha, I have only just learned of Rob’s accident/injury. I have been a fellow rider of Robert’s for at least seven years. His sweet natured strength has been something I’ve always appreciated. Please forward information as to whether visiting is allowed. Best wishes, Richard (Ricardo)

So sad. Always such a big smile (and a passing high five that broke your hand) whenever I saw him. Rest in peace brother - Alex Marshall

Beautiful man. Fuck this shit. Love to his family. I'm gutted beyond gutted. - Nickleye Eyelkcin

No no no :(((( Only the good memories remains :)))) one of the best souls I came across on my life... Rip Rob - D'menor Bikes

Genuine, remarkable, one of the nicest soul I had the honour and luck to meet. My condolence to his family. RIP my friend Rob Ski - Mateo Bowles

Shocking and cruel. Seems like only last week we were laughing and joking at Vogue House. Unreal - Zulu Twente

Absolutely shocking news this morning til I had a phone call midday that our lovely friend within the community Rob Ski has passed away. It was a difficult time on the road today. Gonna missed all of our high fives whenever I see you ride in Chelsea when you rode passed one way and I’m riding the other way. And also when you popping the beer bottle cap like someone been shot everyday of the weeks after we finished work 😔 Rob was also few numbers of people who supported me to get a job at Addison Lee when I was having had time when I struggling to get any jobs at my last courier company. Rest In Peace mate. Such a difficult news to understand but you’re in a better world now 😢 — with Rob Ski - ‎Sam Khamtonwong



From Rob’s Just Giving page:

Robert has had an accident and potentially faces being disabled for the rest of his life. He has no family in London and desperately needs your help. Robert was initally admitted into hospital with a head injury but was discharged late that night.. A short time after being discharged he went into respiratory failure & CPR was performed saving his life. He was re admitted into hospital were another CT scan was performed, which found that he had a fractured neck and spinal cord damage. He was intubated and admitted into Resus then later transfered to ITU where he remained for a few days. He had surgery on his neck where plates and screws were fixed.  Robert now is in neuro critical care where he will remain until his condition improves. I know how hard financially London is for people, but I am reaching out to everyone far and wide for your help and support. All donations will be going to Robert his family.

Thank you ALL in advance. – Natasha Heath

Robski Alleycat

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