Tito Bradshaw
San Antonio, d.1.April.2019, killed by drunk driver

Tito bradshaw 

I'm having a hard time with you being gone bro. Not gonna lie. You ALWAYS showed me love every time we saw each other. You were able to bring together all races, all creeds, all colors. I even said to you, "Never have I seen such an eclectic group of people come together here in the city." during the fundraising night. We also have some things in common. First, we're both black and in San Antonio. LOL (it's like 7% of us!) We both worked on cars/motorcycles/bikes, we both rode bikes, we both roller skate, and we both love seeing human beings together enjoying themselves (especially when bicycles are concerned), you went to Machu Picchu, I want to go to Machu Pichu! Right now.... I'm angry. I'm upset. I'd sad. I want to rage out and punch shit, but that's not going to solve anything. On Hays street bridge, I saw your wife crying, I saw your mother and father crying, I saw your close friends crying, hell... I was crying, and I RARELY cry.... even now, it's difficult to hold back tears. Placing the ghost bike, I was ready to fucking TACKLE any vehicle coming up the lane too fast towards our group! It made no sense, but at the same time, it made all the sense in the world to me. I give you my word,and that I will not take any day for granted. I will RIDE for you. I will REP you and the love your share for the cycling community until my last dying breath bro. Peace and blessings to you and your beautiful family. #IROLLFORTITO - ‎Dante RollModels‎


It took me a few days to really process what I wanted to say. I'm never good at this type of thing. However, watching your maturation was a pleasure, my boy. Your spirit and positive energy is a light most of us can't carry. We were all blessed to have you as a part of our lives. Rest well, homie. – Tee Jay



One of 3 ppl that I know that can ride a penny farthing. He lit up a room, wove cycling groups into one big family, and took us all under his wing before there were beginner/social rides. He was our champion and our director; “2 minutes “ “roll out” “ single file “ all on his bull horn. He took me on my 1st long ride 45mi to New Braunfels it was the famed Tour de Tube 🚴🏼🚴🚴🏼️- well I hope there is group ride to for him organize and to lead in Heaven 💗 We all love you Tito Bradshaw and miss you tremendously already️Front wheel faces heaven and we all follow behind someday 🌈🚲✨The last thing I heard You say was “ you have a wonderful woman” to my husband - thank you for thinking of me highly because I’ve always treasured you. The cycling community will honor and takers your spirit alive as long our hearts and minds will take us - M.E Martinez




The last time we saw you was pretty awesome..you showed us around your life, your world.you were such a great brother in law...a one of a kind for sure. You opened your heart, home and life to us...I pray God is filling your heart with peace even as we speak. - Christy Reichert


Ride in Peace my brother. Thanks for the great experience and making me feel at home in San Antonio. Tito Bradshaw - Shardy Nieves

        Bradshaw Mural  


Beloved member of SA's bicyclist community dies after being hit by suspected drunk driver

The cycling community held a ride in support of Tito Bradshaw Monday night.

By Emily Porter, Henry Ramos

April 1, 2019


SAN ANTONIO — A man who was left in critical condition after being hit by a suspected drunken driver downtown early Monday morning has died.

Tito Bradshaw, 35, was a prominent member of San Antonio's bicyclist community. In fact, if you ride bikes in San Antonio, chances are, you know who Tito Bradshaw is.

Clayton Baines and Harley Smith grew up with Bradshaw. The trio was more like brothers than friends. “We just have to create an awareness,” Baines said. "A lot of people out here have been dying in our streets, especially on bicycles. You never win against a car.”


They said Bradshaw had an influence on the biking community in San Antonio. They said they have a message to everyone. "Stop the drinking and driving,” they said. “Wear a helmet. Be safe. Have lights, even though he had lights. Ride with lights on. Ride in groups... one thing I wish he would have been doing.”

“Only thing I ask, Lord, is that there is a bike heaven up there to where my son is able to ride one more time,” his father said. Bradshaw’s father said his son just became a registered organ donor a few days ago. According to family and friends, Bradshaw was declared brain dead Monday afternoon. He remained on life support long enough to keep his organs healthy for donation.

"Even after life he is still helping others," Baines wrote in a post.

As the co-owner of the Bottom Bracket Bicycle Shop and Bottom Bracket Social Club, Bradshaw served as one of the pillars of the local bicyclist community.

KENS 5 sat down with Bradshaw back in November after his shop was scammed out of thousands of dollars, nearly leading to the shop's demise.

Bradshaw held a successful fundraiser following the incident and was able to stay in business for many months.


 Farewell, Tito: Death of Entrepreneur and Activist Creates Moment of Reflection for San Antonio Cyclists

By Chris Conde and Lea Thompson

SACurrent.com, April 10, 2019

The death of a cyclist, especially one struck by a motorist, has become an all-too-common story in San Antonio lately.


But with the death of Tito Bradshaw, who was fatally injured last week by a suspected drunk driver, the sting was even worse. Many viewed the 35-year-old entrepreneur and activist as one of the pillars of the local cycling community.


Bradshaw owned the now-closed Bottom Bracket Social Club, a near-West Side bar that became a haven for cyclists, hipsters and anyone looking for a cold Lone Star. He also led the Downtown Highlife Bicycle Club’s popular monthly rides and was a fixture on numerous other rides.


“If you [knew] Tito’s charisma, you [would understand why] he just flourished in this downtown cycling scene and brought everyone with him,” said Clayton Baines, one of Bradshaw’s business partners and close friends. “It used to be like 10 of us riding around on fixed gears 10 years ago. Now there’s thousands.”


In the days since his death, local businesses have held fundraising events to aid Bradshaw’s family, and artists have begun designing murals and installations in his memory. Hundreds have also paid their respects at candlelight vigils and memorials near the accident site at 1900 E. Houston Street.


Photos and stories about Bradshaw have since flooded social media and a GoFundMe account at press time had raised $37,200 at press time to help his family cover medical and funeral expenses. Though he was pronounced braindead on Monday, Bradshaw, a registered organ donor, helped donate essential organs to at least five recipients.


San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg even weighed in on the loss, tweeting, “Rest In Peace, Tito. Your body may be gone but your spirit will remain in our community forever. Our work will be in your memory.”


Bradshaw moved to San Antonio after graduating from high school in Copperas Cove, just outside of Killeen. In addition to his involvement with local cycling groups, he helped open and worked at high-profile Alamo City dining and drinking establishments, including Maverick Texas Brasserie, Botika and Paramour.


Bradshaw, who had a young son named Valentino, also planned to get back into the business by opening a coffee and bike shop later this year.

Social media posts following Bradshaw’s death called for safer streets and more efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road. A petition started by the group Bike San Antonio asks the city to install a bike lane dedicated to Bradshaw’s memory on East Houston Street.


“This tragedy could have easily been prevented if the city installed bike lanes on [East] Houston instead of an unnecessary center turn lane,” the petition reads.


“Tito’s work and legacy is going to live on through each and every one of us that he touched,” Baines said. “He will remain a staple in this city, and the work we do from here on will be for him.”







Woman indicted in prominent cyclist Tito Bradshaw's death

Bradshaw was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike April 1.

By Jackson Floyd

August 16, 2019



A grand jury has indicted a woman in the death of a prominent San Antonio bicyclist and business owner.

Linda Collier Mason, 67, faces one charge of intoxicated manslaughter. The indictment announced Friday alleges that Mason operated a motor vehicle while intoxicated and also includes a deadly weapon allegation. Mason's case is pending in the 290th district court.


Around 12:30 a.m. on April 1, 35-year-old Tito Bradshaw was hit by a white Toyota sedan in the 1900 block of East Houston Street. He died hours later.

Mason was evaluated at the scene and arrested. She was booked for Intoxication Assault and Driving While Intoxicated and held on a $77,000 combined bond.

In a post following Bradshaw's death, his business associate and close friend, Clayton Baines, wrote on Facebook that he "will not rest until Tito Bradshaw sees justice."

"I will see to it that justice is served and my brother didn’t die in vain," he continued.

In the months since his death, Bradshaw's legacy as an activist for the city's bicycling community has been honored through vigils and honor rides. Students at the University of Texas at San Antonio were inspired to make their campus more bike-friendly.

In July, nearly 100 volunteers began construction on a bike path at the university near the recently created Tito Bradshaw Bicycle Repair shop, named in his honor.


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