Ximena Callejas
Mexico City, d.4.May.2019

Ximena Callejas 


They make chain for cyclist's death
Reform Agency

Cyclists and activists protested in chain at Lago Hielmar and Río San Joaquín, after the death of a cyclist hit by a trailer.

With bicycles formed in chain to prevent the passage to cars and motorcycles, cyclists closed the circulation in Lake Hielmar and Río San Joaquín, in protest against the run over of a distributor.

Ximena Callejas was hit on Saturday on her bicycle by a trailer supplier of the Model Brewery.

In response, activists and cyclists demonstrated at 2:00 p.m. to demand justice.

"It is a call that we make to the authorities so that they can protect us a little more, to that cyclist who is waiting for him at home," said Saul Garcia, one of the dissatisfied.

In the morning, the cyclists met with Víctor Romo, mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, to whom they exterminated their concerns about road safety.

"He listened to us and told us that he is taking immediate action, he is reviewing a total and lasting intervention, he is talking with the different actors in order to reach an agreement," said Olad Dickenson, a member of Road Culture.

Almost one hour the circulation was closed and the contingent, in which fellow Ximena also participated, only allowed pedestrians and cyclists to enter.

Meanwhile, for not having a work demonstration, the Mayor's Office of Miguel Hidalgo suspended the maneuvering yard of the Cervecería Modelo, on Lake Alberto 219.

This is the place where the trailer that last Saturday hit the cyclist came out.

The Mayor, Víctor Hugo Romo, met the place and explained that the verification visit was carried out because they got rid of a green area which they replaced with a concrete plate

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