Alvin Kaufman (Munchause)
"Strange Rider"

San Francisco, died June.2005
Aero, Special T, Ma and Pa, SFDS
H@nx, died in his room at South Park in the third week of June 2005

I knew Alvin for many years, he was one of the last people I was hanging out with in da city. Kind of was one of the catalysts for me getting sober. For that I'm eternally grateful! The last time I talked to him, he got mad and started yelling at me about not buying beer. Talk about fun!

Alvin was one of the old era messengers, that I admired just cuz they survived the horrors of Aero. Later on so did I, Aero tank and all. Working 50-hour weeks and making enough money to starve on. I surely didn't want to know how much those bikes weighed. It's no wonder we all used a little substance once in a while-- some more than others.

Alvin did  something that most people don't in life. He lived the way he wanted to. Without causing too much havoc to the planet and other people. Messengers seem to be of that nature. A founding member of H@NX (Strange Rider), he lived up to the H@NX customs in the most exemplary way a member could. Alas, the last time I saw him we had an argument and I told him to fuck off. Oh well, can't change that. I can always thank him for just being Alvin and for helping me in a way that can only be described in spiritual terms.

So long Strange Rider, so long Prez, Danny Lucky, Johnny Mad Dog, Fur, Thomas, Little Chris, and every messenger who lived the life. The rest of you keep the rubber side down! RIP H@NX Strange Rider! Your brother in struggle we call life.

H@nx Deacon of Hard Times

My name is Helen and I am from Trenton, NJ.  I stumbled across your website after looking up my brother's name.  He is Alvin Kaufman from San Francisco.  Unfortunately he is no longer with us and I miss him so much.  The last time I got to spend time with him was a couple years ago.  I was so happy to see that he was mentioned on your website.  Thank you so much.  I have talked to many of his friends just to reminisce about how Alvin was.  I was hoping I could get the email of the person that wrote the article and thank that person as well.  I am trying to contact all his friends just to say thanks for being his friend.  His nickname was "Strange Rider" I see on the website and it so fits him.  Please email me back or pass this info on.

Thank you in advance.
Helen Lykes

^ photo by America, 1994