Steven "Domey" Lee Beaufoy

"Little Stevo"

San Francisco, b. 30.April.1970, d. 31.January.1999
died in a motorcycle accident after work

BEAUFOY, Steven Lee (Stevo) - April 30, 1970 - January 31st, 1999. Beloved son of Sandra Beaufoy, New York and Roy Beaufoy, England. Survived by his loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces and many dear friends.

Deepest Feelings Are Not Spoken
Flowers Convey Them Silently
Here Are Blossoms That Betoken
Love, Grief and Hearts Broken.
Our Precious Boy forever in Our Hearts

Steven Beaufoy, our dearest Domey, Lil' Steve-O, we shall never give in to forgetfulness, especially of your flowing eyes. I see them alive inside my mind-mocking my tears for you, when I should be dancing for you, and laughing along with your wicked wink, your sly style, and that knowing smile. Like we were sharing some secret joke about the true nature of things. The truth is that Death is always near, whispering in my ear, so the wisest thing that I know is to truly enjoy this life and grow. We are but like the dust beneath our feet. So spill some of your cherished drink upon the ground and remember those who have gone before you. And with each step, step lightly on our Mother Earth to which our bodies will all return. If we knew our destiny, would we not shatter it to bits and remold it to suit our vanity? But none of us knows when the worm will turn. So raise your cup. Drink and remember.

May 6, 1999 Thursday