Robert Polasik
"Cat" "Catty Hanx"

San Francisco, d. 19.February.2010, aneurysm
Aero, Now Courier, President of the Hanx

I was miss CAT. He was one of the first bikers I got to know. Still remember the time we crossed paths as a messenger at 900 Northpoint... pulled over and got to know him. He was no longer a stranger that meowed at me passing by. –Hiro Makino

When I worked with Cat at Now Courier back in 1992, he had a side gig performing strip teases as Mick Jagger. To celebrate his fourth 89-mile ride to the Russian River on an Aero tank, he rode it straight in the river. Catty was fearless, crazy, did not have an inside voice, and loved and lived life to the fullest. There is no one else like him and the world is a quieter, sadder place without Cat. Rest in peace. –America

Cat Cat

Images courtesy of Stephanie Sireix

Cat cat
1. "The Bike Messenger World Championships. With the other Prez (Lee Mallory) and George Graves."

2. "Cat's inauguration as Prez of the HANX at Mission Rock."

3. "At the horseshoe pits with Frank Lane." Images courtesy of Michelle Windell


From Voice of Da, Issue 2, 1996