Christopher Allan Crew

San Francisco
22.Nov.1960 - 19.Dec.1991
founder of Lightning Express

From his father:

Christopher embraced life too fiercely to have it end so soon. He tried everything... and everything he tried he pursued to perfection.

We all know he loved motorcycles and competitive motorcycle racing, and was unrelenting in his pursuit of excellence. He loved it so much that he did what all of us know we should do he built his livelihood around his love, He started Lightning Express (formerly Pony Express) in January 1983. At the age of 22 in a telephone booth at the corner of California and Front and did his billings while sitting at a table in Hart's Cafe.

He was proud to be a young entrepreneur; he devoted all he had to it...and he was superb at it. He was also proud that he gave so many young people who worked for him the self respect and self esteem of excelling at a task that was so demanding and that so few could do.

But Chris did not just love motorcycles. He loved and valued what they gave him. Firstly, a professional sport at which he could excel, and did. Secondly, self-reliance. Thirdly, a key to the freedom he needed to follow the wind in search of as much understanding about people and the world that he could assimilate in satisfaction of his boundless curiosity. Most importantly, to gather around him the dearest and most loving friends one could ever have.

For as much as he loved the freedom, the self reliance, the satisfaction of excellence and understanding that his motorcycle life gave him, it was his love of friends and family that was the most powerful force within Chris.

Once you became his friend, you would never escape his generous embrace. You could be from any walk of life, any race or religion, with any background. None of that mattered to Chris, if you were an honest person with a good heart. He took care of the rest. You know he would go the last mile for you.

Friendship that was Chris' simple religion and philosophy to always be in the company of those he loved. That was enough. You loved so many and so much, Chris, and we love you in, return.