Christien Slinn (Chris Courier)
London, d. 14.February, cancer

Chris Slinn 

Very sadly, Christien died on Valentines Day 2019, aged only 44, after a short struggle with cancer. After several years of living and working successfully in London, Christien fell on hard times, and for the last five years was supported by the St Mungos charity where he was living at the time of his death. I am helping his mum Val to raise enough money to have a very simple cremation in London, and then to provide a commemorative bench in one of our local parks in Sheffield, so she and other friends and family will have somewhere to go to remember him. It would mean a very great deal to Val if you could help by making a donation, however small. When you donate, please make the reference Christien so that I know it is for his fund. Any funds we raise over and above what we need for the cremation and memorial will go to St Mungos. Marilyn J Gregory


Christien Slinn aka Chris Courier DJ

On Sunday 27 October 2019 at 6.00 pm St Bart's Hospital are holding a Memorial Service at St Paul's Cathedral for all those who have died in their care over the last year.

I will be there to remember Christien who sadly died on Valentines Day this year. It is an open invitation and I hope as many of his friends and colleagues will be able to join us there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been so supportive and generous. Thanks to your help we have been able to give Christien the send off he would have enjoyed.

From scattering most of his ashes in one of his favourite spots, on his Dad's birthday, in glorious sunshine, to transporting a small portion of him to the Isle of Skye, thanks Kirsty. Next was the dedication of his bench by the boating lake close to the home of his grandparents. Again on a day that was important to him. The anniversary of the London bombings.

I had a drink for him on his birthday at our local pub. Now the biggie, St Paul's Cathedral no less, and I'm sure he will be with us as we celebrate Christmas exactly as we have always done. Finally his name will be launched into space next year. Thanks to his dear friend, Aussie Rob, he has a Boarding Pass for the NSA Mission to Mars. So his name will be forever on another world. A true STAR.

Love and miss you Sunshine. Ciao Mom

Chris Slinn

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