Christopher Allen Young
"Little Chris," "Lur King," "Poky", "Sham"

San Francisco, also Portland. King Courier, First Legal, suicide,
9.September.1973 - 25.May.2004

Passing down the obituaries, I never expected to see your name. You were one of the craziest guys I've ever had the privilege of riding with. From the first time we met at the "Warriors" race in New York to last time I saw you in Houston, you were one of the most colorful characters I've ever met. Remember that one time, when Brue and Odds sent us out in Houston to go on a wild goose chase - the one where we ended up in the 5th ward, and all those gangstas rolled up on us. That was one of the scarriest things I've ever been through. And I've never seen anyone carry themselves in a situation like that, but you were as calm as I've ever seen anyone, but it was worth it. Uhh, we rode so fast out of their the devil himself couldn't have caught us, we were screamin' and haulerin' as loud as we could, because we couldn't believe we were still alive. It was obvious you lived life fast, and rode even faster. I'll miss that scratchy voice of yours, for I'll not hear it until we meet again. You were a rad guy, and I'll miss you, so take care up there, drink one for me, and raise hell where ever you are.

Your Pal,

For R.I.P. SHAM stickers send self addressed stamped envelope to: P. Goodman 223 Orchard St #2 Cincinnati, OH 45202
She has also set up a memorial site for Chris at: <>

The first time I met Little Chris, eight years ago, he was telling his boss how he ended up in a fracas with the police the night before by smiling and waving to them and saying, "How's it going, boys?" When I was painting a mural inside a bike shop -- in the time it took me to complete two small drawings -- Little Chris and his friends covered the entire external wall of the shop in a spray mural, which looked amazing. In the first May Day Labor parade that the SFBMA marched in, we didn't have any slogans to chant, so Little Chris lead us in a rousing chorus of "Stitches For Snitches." I have him to thank for introducing me to the members of the Real McKenzies, some of whom are his fellow members of Jaks Skate Team.

He maintained a buoyant sense of humor throughout everything, was a good sport, took risks, and enjoyed life to the fullest, which is why his suicide is so shocking and tragic. Chris is the one who designed and painted the first SFBMA banner, so whenever the SFBMA flies it, we can remember him.


photo by Becca, painting: detail from Holding Fast, Letting Go, egg tempera on ash, 2005, by America Meredith