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Glenn Adrian - San Francisco, 1960?-1981, drove truck into excavation off the Great Highway, worked at Special T.

Alex - San Francisco, d. 1987, suicide, AIDS victim, mechanic for Western, Special T, Speedway.

Kelly Alexander - San Francisco, d. June 2009, Spin Cycle, survived by daughter.

George Alvarez - Chicago, d. 2005

Jess Baggerly - Seattle, 26.July.1996 - 11.Sep.2001, traffic - veteran messenger killed by a drunk driver.

Spc. Samuel Jacob Barbetta "Trout" - San Francisco, 27.July.1977 - 13.February.2004.

Nikolas Barkelay - Montreal, d. 22.Sept.2002, traffic.

Jason Basler - San Francisco, 7.Nov.1970 - 10.July.2006, founder and owner of Adios, cause of death unknown.

Steven Lee Beaufoy "Domey" - San Francisco, b. 30.April.1970, d. 31.Jan.1999, traffic - motorcycle accident after work.

Alicia Marie Bewernitz - San Francisco, 1974 - 8.May.2002, died from an ectopic pregnancy.

Blake - San Francisco, d. 1990, suicide, AIDS victim. 

Michael Bloss "Blind Boy" - London, d. April.2004, killed in gun battle in Iraq, worked at Security Despatch.

Stanley Michael Bolsega - San Francisco, d. 14.Nov.2007, liver cancer, Special T, Allen's

Ryan Boudreau - Chicago, d. 13.August.2007, killed in traffic on the job, Dynamex

Gibson Boyd - Toronto, d. 8.January.2011

Roland Brann - Toronto, d. 20.April.1938, killed on the job by car

Colin Breckon "Johnny Pacecar" - Portland, d. 30.March.1999, suicide. Spearheaded an early attempt to unionize Portland couriers.

Sherwood Brewer - San Francisco, d. 2004, AIDS, walker for Speedway and Aero.

Bruno - San Francisco, d. 1997, motorcycle messenger, traffic - killed on the job on Market Street.

Robert Burdick - San Francisco, suicide after his wife passed away, worked at Blueprint Services.

Sue Burdick - San Francisco, overdose, Blueprint Services.

Nathan Burnett - San Francisco, illness, Blueprint Services.

Scott Burnett - San Francisco, worked for Aero in the 80s, heroin overdose in the 90s

Robert Byers "Biker Bob" - Toronto, 1945-16.June.2005, heart attack on the job

Pauline B. Caluya - San Francisco, 24.Nov.1970 - 25.Aug.1997, traffic - hit riding to work by bus on Market.

Don Carey - San Francisco, d. 1993, heart attack while riding in New Zealand.

Melissa "Mouse" Carr - Los Angeles, d. 20.April.2011, suicide

Robert Carroll "Robo" - San Francisco, d. 2004, suicide.

William Chapin "Billy" - San Francisco, 29.Oct.1955 - 23.Aug.-2006, liver cancer, Graves.

Myles Noel Chappell - San Francisco, d. 2002, Speedway, Battery Point, Cupid Courier.

"Big" Larry Chavez - San Francisco, overdose, Aero messenger.

Katherine Childs - Boston, 1962-Dec.1987, Quicksilver, traffic - killed on the job in a hit and run accident, dragged 200 yards by an 18-wheeler driven by Patrick F. McCauley.

Mark "Why-te" Collins - Portland, d. 1998, accidental heroin overdose.

Markus "Fur" Cook - San Francisco, b. 25.Aug.1960, d. 3.Jan.1996, heroin overdose, Express, Now, played guitar for Organ Grinders, L. Sid. Annual Markus Cook award is now offered every year to couriers who make outstanding contributions to the community.

Joe Cooper - London, d. 1989, killed on the job at Pentonville Road, by an unknown HGV

Stuart Coulthard - San Francisco, d. August.2010, cancer, Now Courier, SF Bicycle Coalition

Dell Covington - New York City, d. 18.November.2004, killed on the job.

Sean Crane - San Francisco, b. 1967, d. 15.Aug.2004, traffic accident, motorcycle messenger at Lightning Express.

Christopher Allan Crew - San Francisco, b. 22.Nov.1960, d. 19.Dec.1991. heroin overdose. Founded Lightning Express.

Ed Curry - San Francisco, d. 1997, traffic - killed on the job after only working for two weeks, Pelican Delivery.

Paul Curry - New York City, d. April 1994.

D.O.G. - San Francisco, d. 1990, suicide.

Lonny "Squeaky" Deardoff - San Francisco, d. 25.Dec.2006, AIDS, Aero, Western.

Lou "Luigi" Decolator - San Francisco, d. 16.Jan.2009, house fire, drummer for L. Sid, the Decolators

David "Drew" Ditzen - Philadelphia, d. 9.Sep.1991, killed on the job by a truck.

James Donaldson - Toronto, d. 24.December.1940, killed on the job by car

"Anarchy" Mike Douglas - Portland, d. 1998, suicide.

"Big" Rick Dreger - San Francisco, d. 1990, vocal bike activist and ex-messenger, killed by drunk driver with a suspended license.

Richard Drennan - Houston, d. 23.Nov.1998

John Driscoll - San Francisco, d. 1996, truck messenger, suicide.

James Duggan - New York City, d. June 1994.

Dutch - San Francisco, d. 1989, murder - beat over the head with lead pipe in Shipley Alley, worked at Allen's.

Paul Ellis - London, d. 1990, hit at the junction of Gray's Inn Road and Clerkenwell Road, by a left turning skip lorry. Driver acquitted

"Danny" Reidar Farr - London, d. 1.Oct.1999, killed on the job at the junction of Westbourne Grove and Hereford Road, by a left turning skip lorry, driven by Vincent Doyle, operated by PowerDay. Despite witness evidence that driver failed to signal, court acquitted driver. He was 30 and worked at Swiftcall.

William Fox - Toronto, d. 16.October.1934, killed by car on the job

Mark Francis - London, d. June.1999, died in hospital from injuries sustained June 8, 1999, East Smithfield, by unknown lorry. Survived by several children.

Andrea Franke - Berlin - d. 24.Feb.1994. Killed by a truck, whose driver didn't see her while turning right. The Berlin messengers held a bicycle demonstration across the inner city, leaving flowers at the place where she died.

Elmer Frisby - Toronto, d. 17.July.1920, killed on the job by car

Mary Gaffney - Washington DC, d. June.1980, killed by truck on the job.

Jorge Correa "George" Garcia - New York City, d. 24.Nov.2001, accidentally shot while waiting in line for a concert

Glenn - San Francisco, heroin overdose, Rapid.

Stanley Goldsmith - New York City, d. 28.Sept.2004, suicide.

Carlos "Paisa" Gonzales - New York City, d. 22.July.2003, killed by truck on the job, hit as truck made a turn onto East 55th Street from Second Avenue at about 4:55 p.m.

Joseph Laurence Gosslin "Josepi Bandini" - Los Angeles, 14.Sept.1966 - 4.May.2008.

Scott Gowers - Sydney, d. 11.May.1995, killed by truck on the job.

Joseph "Joey" Granati - New York City, d. 24.April.2011

George Griffin - Toronto, d. 8.June.1927, killed on the job by car

Nestor Dario Guzman - San Francisco, 20.Dec.1979 - 30.April.2003, First Legal, Godspeed, killed in motorcycle accident.

Johnny Hancock - San Francisco, 1888, walker, unfortunate distinction of being the first messenger killed in SF. Info here.

Valentine Hasenauer - Newark, d. 16.August.1940, killed on the job by bus

Edward "Carl" Hedrick III - New York City, d. 1.May.2011, killed by hit and run driver (still at large) in Charlotte NC

Kimberly "Katastrophe" Hood - San Francisco, d. 1987, suicide, AIDS victim, SFDS.

Eli Hormann - New York City, d. March.1998, murder - stabbed to death by Drew Feuer.

Christopher David Hough - San Francisco, 16.Nov.1979-16.Nov.2004, accidental overdose, Freewheel, American Cyclery

Dave Hughes - Toronto, 7.Dec.2015, cancer

Kirk Janes - San Francisco, d. 21.May.2008, killed in traffic on the job.

Paul Jensen - Washington DC, 3.March.1962 - 18.Oct.1994, killed by a motorcyclist who had been running from the police.

Dean Jernigan - Toronto, d. 9.Dec.1997, stroke.

"Messy" Jesse - San Francisco, d. 1996, victim of AIDS, Redco.

Jessica - San Francisco, d. 1999, died in Mexico trying to kick heroin. Now Courier.

Alan Michael Johnston "Big Gay Al" - Toronto, 27.Nov.1970 - 22.March.2002

Jon - San Francisco, killed by a car at 5th and Harrison trying to repay a $5 debt.

Robert Stuart Joseph - San Francisco, 25.July.1969 - 13.Dec.2004, heart attack, Western, Crosstown, Silver Bullet, Family Scott.

Jughead - San Francisco, d. 1993?, heart attack.

Alvin Kaufman "Strange Rider" - San Francisco, d. June.2005, Special T, Ma and Pa, SFDS, H@nx

Keith - San Francisco, d. 1996, killed by drunk driver, Graves.

Brother Bill Kennedy - Philadelphia, d. 21.Feb.2012, cancer

Jason Kyle "Boris" - Sydney, d. 15.May.2005, cancer. SYDBMA.

Clarence Lange - San Francisco, d. 1990, Speedway, overdose on methadone.

Robert Latremore - Washington DC, 1975 - 30.May.2001, rode in DC from 1997-2000, murdered in his hometown of Nashville, TN

Darren Lewis - New York City, d. 10.August.2006, killed on the job by a truck, Urban Express.

Paul Hatcher Littell "Mustard Man" "Norrin Radd" - San Francisco, 9.May.1971 - April.1993, blows to the iliac artery, Speedway, Pete's, Aero, SFDS.

David Lombard - San Francisco, d. 1996.

Julius Long - San Francisco, b. 4.July.1950, d. 24.Dec.1999, killed on motorcycle in a case of road rage, Lightning Express.

Sebastian Lukomski - London, d. 23.Feb.2004, killed at junction of Lower Thames Street and Queen Street Place, by a left turning tipper truck. Driver of truck has been charged with driving without due care and attention and will be tried in November 2004 at City of London Magistrates Court. Worked for Anderson Young.

Danny "Lucky" Lutge - San Francisco, b. 1965, d. 1.Sep.1996, heroin overdose, Speedway.

Matty Luv - San Francisco, 1968 - 5.October.2002, heroin/alcohol/Klonopins-related death, worked at Aero Special Delivery, played for the F-Boyz and Hickey.

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