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Jonathon MacDonald - Boston, b.1965, d. 3.April.1986, Perfect Courier, traffic - hit by a tractor trailor driven by Jesse D. Morgan.

Johnny "Mad Dog" Madrid - San Francisco, d. 1995. heroin overdose. His bowling ball floated when thrown off Mission Rock.

Sean Maher - San Francisco, d. 2001. heroin overdose, ex-Silver Bullet, drummed for the Noize Boyz and Bugtussel.

Patrick Hugh Maher - San Francisco, 3.December.1959 - 15.October.2007, leukemia.

Lee Mallory "Prez" - San Francisco, 10.Jan.1945 - 21.March.2005, liver cancer. First president of the Hanx. Founder member of The Millennium.

John "Jack" Marsh - San Francisco, d. 18.Aug.1999. killed in a motorcycle accident in the East Bay.

Daniel Martinez - New York, d.18.Apr.2012. killed by truck

Luc Mathey-Doret - Lausanne, Switzerland, d. 26.March.2001. Outspoken bike activist who fought for cyclists' rights for 15 years and is responsible for every bike lane in Lausanne. He was hit by a car on a street he always considered dangerous for cyclists.

Greg Della Mattia - Vancouver, d. 28.Oct.1998. motorcycle accident.

Scott Maynard "Robin Hood" - San Francisco, d. 2006.

Thomas McBride - Chicago, b.1973, d. 26.April.1999, murdered by driver Carnell Fitzpatrick on his way to work. CMWC 2000 was dedicated to his memory.

Sean McCash - Chicago, 30.Sep.1976 - April.2001, accident while riding off-duty, triggered by a bike mechanical failure, Service First.

Paul McDevitt - San Francisco, d. 2003, died of complications from AIDS at the age of 40, motorcycle messenger for Special T, Red Hot.

Wesley McLean - Toronto, d. 23.November.1934, killed by car on way home from work

Bob McLeod - Toronto, d. 3.July.1958, complications from operation

Keefe McLaverty - Toronto, d. Feb.1996, killed by a van on the job.

John McMurry - San Francisco, killed by car after work, bass player for ATG.

Judy Meisner - San Francisco, pneumonia. Walker for Graves and many other companies. Mother of Amena and Rachael.

Thomas Marshall Rogers Meredith - San Francisco, 17.Dec.1967 - 27.Sep.1994, killed by Muni bus on the job at SFDS, BARD, Pronto (DC), Lickety Split, Western, Speedway.

Frank Merlo - Portland, OR and Chicago, d. 2.April.2002. Non-job-related motorcycle accident.

Epps James Miller "El Bozo Grande" - San Francisco, d. 1999 from a heart attack, driver for Quicksilver, US Courier.

Neils C. "Bones" Miller - San Francisco, 24.August.2001, suicide. Rode for many companies inc. Lightning Express.

James Mimnagh - New York City, d. 18.Oct.1998. killed by hit and run SUV driven by John Giannico who was later arrested but only charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Mimnagh was 62 and planned to retire the next March.

Brad Minch - New York City, 23.Nov.1975 - 12.Jan.1999. killed by illegal oversized truck on the job.

Casey Moe - San Francisco, d. 1997. Hit by truck at 2nd and Market, Aero.

Travis Morache - San Francisco, d. 27.Aug.1996, suicide.

Jonathan William Morales - San Francisco, b. 4.Jan.1973, d. 4.Jan.1996, motorcycle accident, Quicksilver.

"Bronx" Jon Neese - New York City, 7.June.1974 - 12.August.2006, killed in traffic on the job.

Laura Nelson - Boston, d. 10.July.2007, suicide, Fly Over the City

Edward Newstead - London, b. 12.Feb.1943, d. 22.Mar.1992, killed in traffic at the junction of Oxford Street and Holles Street, by a left turning HGV operated by TNT Garment Express delivering to John Lewis Partnership. Driver found guilty of driving without due care and attention, received endorsement points and a fine. He is survived by four daughters.

Christopher Jack Nordby - Minneapolis, b. 19.Apr.1973, d. 7.Nov.2001, drowned in the Mississippi River.

Kristine Okins - Portland, d. 28.June.2005, killed in traffic on the job.

Nathan Osburn - Washington DC, d. 16.June.2005, sarcoma cancer.

Ilia Pankin - Los Angeles, d. 18.September.2006, killed by hit-and-run driver riding home from work.

Zachary Parke - Santa Cruz, d. 8.June.2011, killed by hit and run driver

Yianni Philippides - Seattle, b. 26.July.1977, d. 29.June.2000, killed on the job by a driver, Robert Bernard, who was running a red light.

Pie - Mexico City, d. 16.Feb.2004, killed on the job, in traffic by a car. Employed by Ciclos Mensajeros.

"Page" Pagelua Pfennig, New York City, Edmonton, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, d. 19.Feb.2005, drowned after the Monster Track race.

Maria Piccolomini, San Francisco, 29.April.1950 - 4.Feb.2007, cancer. Ordertaker at Redco, owner of Pelican Delivery.

George Pinto - New York City, d. 1988, killed on the job by a semi-truck.

Robert Polasik "Cat" "Catty Hanx", San Francisco, d. 19.February.2010, aneurysm. Aero, Now Courier, president of the Hanx.

Randall Postell - New York City, d. 25.Jan.1989, killed by truck on the job.

Robert Powell, "Vice-Prez" "Teen" - San Francisco, d. 1992, suicide after his wife died, SFDS. 

Wendy Powell - San Francisco, d. 1992, emphysema complicated by heroin use.

Brent Rector - Vancouver, 13.August.1964 - 9.July.2005, died suddenly in his home.

Anthony W. Reed - Seattle, d. 15.April.2001, rode for Champion Transfer, fell from the deck of a ferry boat.

David Reuter - Boston, 1966-1988, traffic - killed on Beacon Street on the first five minutes of his messenger job.

Mark Richards - Toronto, d. 1.Dec.2011, cancer

Otto Rivera - Toronto, d. 2005, messenged for 3 years, hit by a drunk driver, in a coma for two years before passing away.

Chris Robertson - San Francisco, b. 7.June.1970, d. 17.Nov.2000, worked at Lightning Express and Rainbow Grocery, murdered by driver Reuben Espinoza while riding in Joe Woods' wake.

Peter Rodgers - Montreal, d. 17.Nov.2002, walking messenger, Loumar #193, cancer.

Abelardo "Peru" Rodriguez - New York City, d. 30.July.2003, killed in traffic.

Craig Ross - Toronto, d. 1994 or 1995?, head injuries. Team Ross still competes at CMWC in his honor.

"Little" Amy Santoro - San Francisco, d. 1993?, heroin overdose.

George Semeran - San Francisco, d. 1990, AIDS victim, Perfect, ECN, Skidmore.

Robert "Bobby Black" Shaw - San Francisco, d. 1991, murdered by stabbing.

Darcy Allan Sheppard - Toronto, d. 31.Aug.2009. Killed on the job by attorney general Michael Bryant.

Rob Siciliano - Toronto, d. December 2004. His grave remains unmarked and his friends are trying to raise funds for a grave stone. For more information, click here.

Calvin Simpson - London, d. 1991, killed on the job at Stamford Street by an unknown HGV.

Eric Sprattling - Chicago, 1959-1999, aneurysm while racing.

Michael "Mike" Stevens - Portland, 1970-14.Jan.2008, suicide.

Lief Stevenson "Life" - San Francisco, 1970-Dec.2007, King Courier, bassist for Asshole.

Joe "Zippy" Strauss - San Francisco, 16.Apr.1964 - 4.Nov.1996. Heroin overdose, Crosstown. Previously worked at ProMess, Pete's, and Shotgun. Survived by parents, his wife Tara, and his son Shane.

James "Jim" Swails - San Francisco, d. 18.Dec.2004. Cirrhosis of the liver. Driving messenger, DJed at the CW Saloon.

Jerry Taylor - San Francisco, d. 2006. Aero, Speedway, ordertaker.

Tennessee - San Francisco, killed by truck on Broadway & Sansome about 13 years ago. Started helmet law at Speedway

Charles "Mad Max" Thurston - San Francisco, d.1991, heroin overdose, his tag is still in elevators to this day.

Titus - San Francisco, d. 1997.

Robert Thompson - Toronto, d. 11.May.1938, killed on the job, hit by streetcar

Khake Toure - New York City, d. 1994, killed on the job, hit by bus and taxi.

Robert Townsend - Seattle, d. 10.September.2011, killed on the job, hit by car

Terrance Tuck - Calgary, d. 8.Nov.2002, hit by a delivery van on the job.

Dominic Vackione - New York City, d. 20.Feb.1901, killed by car on the job

Steven Vose - San Francisco, d. July.2007, Now Courier.

Jerry Walker - San Francisco, d. May.1993, AIDS victim, started Freewheel Bike Shop.e, Lightning.

Henry Warwick - London, d. 3.February.2012, killed on the job, hit by airport coach

L. Keith Wrightman - San Francisco, d. 1995?, AIDS victim, former Quicksilver messenger.

Christopher Allen Young - "Little Chris" "Sham" "Poky" "Lur King" - San Francisco, also Portland, 9.Sept.1973 - 25.May.2004, suicide, King Courier, First Legal

Valerie Zähndler - Berlin, Basel, 18.Apr.1975 - 21.March.2005, Beamer, Messenger, cancer

Bernie Zeblium "Bernz" - Philadelphia, d. 21.August.2004, cancer. Rode for 9 years.

Valerie Zingg - Zürich, 19.Sept.1975 - 11.May.2004, Veloblitz, cancer

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