Dave Hughes
Toronto, b. 30.May.1960 - d. 7.December.2015, cancer.

Dave Hughes 

Toronto veteran bike courier Dave Hughes passed away on December 7, 2015 after a long battle with cancer. Dave was a much loved messenger of over 20 years who was always willing to share his knowledge and experience with new messengers. He was known for his ever present smile and warm personality. RIP 183.

I have to share this with u all. I am here in beautiful Vernon BC today my heart is fully in Toronto with the family and friends of yours Dave Hughes. I met you the first day of my 5 yrs years of being a bike courier. Knowing your brothers Mike and Sion for years I was instantly connected to you.. you gave me many tips through the early days and I looked to you as a mentor. We shared many great days and many late nights through the the next several years! Your constant positive attitude and smile went along way with me .. not all will understand this but his Baah on the radio during work always helped us out through the gloomy winter days and I promptly made the "baah" my call while I ran many a red light and cut through traffic ( worked better than a bell ) lol.

Dave you impacted me on a level I wouldn't know until I made the move out west. Never in the last 15 years did we lose contact for more than a month or 2 and I always welcomed a random call from you from time to time. It hurts to know I will never get the chance to talk again, however I'm feel thrilled and blessed to have a couple of great visits with you just a few short weeks ago. Knowing the nature and the inevitably of you're illness you managed to fight it like the toughest of soldiers and you did it at least when I saw you in the most positive way I've ever known. We made plans for you to come out next yr and I believed it was going to happen.. if I had of known it was our last time hanging out I would've hugged you longer and told u I love you again. I will never forget you and continue to share our stories of laughter every chance I get!

To all of your family I can only imagine how tough the last couple months have been for you all. I don't know you all but I do know your family is very large and very close.. stick together enjoy your memories and take great pride in how your brother has touched so many people in such a positive way! Nothing but Love to all who need it... sorry this was a Lil long winded but I needed to say it.. Enjoy the ride Dave! Oh yeah and one last time baaaaaaaaaaah! - Dave Walsh

Davey, I can't begin to describe how shattered I am feeling today. All the time you were sick you kept your chin up and your smile on. When you couldn't keep the game face on I didn't see you for a while, but I always knew that as soon as you were able you'd come through the back gate with a grin and a hug, and we'd share stories, songs, memories and thoughts. I will get through today and tomorrow by trying to do what you did so well, keep on keeping on. I know you're worried about Lindsay, but Dan is here, we are here, and she is not alone. She is stronger than she knows. Lisa too. They're stuck with us Hughes'. You are a role model, and our champion. Today we will play your tunes, share the stories, remember the good times and promise to never forget. I love you, and you will always be in my heart. Joanna Hughes

Dave, you will remain in my mind an heart an awesome human being. Many a down day in my life you have shared positivity and encouragement to help me clean up my life. Truly you will be missed by me and the 416 mess fam, and anyone who happened to get strength from how you handled your personal struggle. Ride in Peace bro. - KJ Roach

Dave Hughes I will miss you for the rest of my life. Mikey P Hughes and Dave were like brothers. Their doors were always open to us all. When I moved a thousand miles away Dave was always contacting me, making sure I was okay. He was always a friend who would listen to my problems when I felt all alone out here. He always wanted to be the first to see me when I came home.

Even when he was sick he wanted to know how I was doing, how I felt, if I was happy. Those who know me know I don't share my personal life on social media but I had to tell you all that Dave was the real deal. I was a little punk on a bike in downtown Toronto thrown out there without a clue during a mail strike. Dave didn't work for the same company as me, he didn't know me but he saw I was lost. He gave me a beat up old Perly's map book and showed me how to properly lock up my bike so it wouldn't get stolen.

That was 25 years ago. I will never forget Dave Hughes he was a big brother for us all. 10-4 brah! - Brian Hall


Dave's Obituary:

Dave Hughes, passed away peacefully at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, on December 7th, 2015. Dave is survived by his daughters Lindsay (Dan) and Lisa Pinkerton (Dave) and their mother Lois, grandchildren Logan and Layla, eight siblings Mair (John), Katrina, Joanna (John), Ivan (Angela), Sion (Kelly), Jan (Lisa), Toby (Chloe) and Michael; fourteen nieces and nephews Joellen (Matt), Bryn (Jillian), Jonathan (Cass), Emily (Evan), Dimitri, Jeremy, Matt, Thea, Toby, Evan, Jan, Ceilidh, Rees, and Keelan; two great nieces, Zoe and Trudy.

Dave was born on May 30, 1960 in Great Rollright, a village about 2.5 miles (4 km) north of Chipping Norton, England. The family moved to Canada in 1965 and to Toronto in 1967. For the past 20 years, Dave worked as a bike courier and was a member of the Toronto Bike Messenger Association. Apart from his love of friends and family, (and he had a load of both), Dave was also passionate about fishing, reading, gardening, the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team - many a Sunday was spent at 'The Pits' taking in the game - and perhaps most importantly, music - especially classic rock. And, though he'd never want you to know it, he also liked watching The Young and the Restless with his Mum on a Friday afternoon. That's just the kind of guy he was - pretty cool.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that donations in Dave's memory be made to Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.