Daniel Martinez

New York, died 18.April.2012
ccident while riding off-duty, hit by truck

Daniel Martinez

From Daniel Martinez’s wife:

On April 18 2012, the love of my life of 16 years, father to our 10 year old daughter, went to work. He was a bike messenger with the company Mother's Messenger. He had his last drop on 72nd Street. I was his last cell call. He went down 5th avenue.

There was a man that cops stopped on 79 street and 5th avenue by the name of Eric West, age 22. He was stopped because he was going down a non-commercial vehicle way. Cops gave him a ticket and let him go on his way.  He was driving a 4 ton white ford F-550 truck holding cargo. If cops would have done their job right, they would have known that the truck and Mr. West was not insured. The truck belonged to Ring Power Corp Company.

The d.m.v. mail papers out to me proving this and also informed me that Mr. West did not report the hit or death of Daniel Martinez there for they have put it down as a hit and run.  The company allowed Mr. West to drive this truck without a commercial vehicle license c.d.l. and this was a commercial vehicle truck.

In New York you are allowed to get your commercial vehicle license at the age of 21 Mr. West was 22 and did not have much experience on the road with a regular license let alone a commercial vehicle license.

Daniel was riding his bike, alongside of the truck. Mr. West was driving.  Danny had 25 years’ experience riding his bike. He was a road test away from having his driver’s license. He told me once

 "I ride my bike like I would drive a car. I follow the rules of the road"

It was rush hour 6:28 pm. The sun was still out. Daniel was riding in the bus lane, like he would always do or in the bike lanes to avoid being too close to vehicles. There is a video of this event that I have viewed.

Mr. West admitted on the police report that he wanted to beat the light and instead ran the red light. That's when he hit and ran over Daniel Martinez.  Danny would never hold on to a truck. They said he had his iPod head phones on but when I saw him in the hospital, I took off his neck brace, and he had his head phones took in his shirt the way he would always put them if he wasn't listening to them, and in the video shows he was not holding on.

Danny told me once "look at that guy holding on to that truck, I'll never do that. That guy is crazy. He must have a death wish." The media lied. Mr. West was the one saying he was holding on but he didn't see when he hit him. The police report didn't match up to Mr. West’s story. The photos didn't show what Eric or the police report said, or to what the witnesses said or to the injury's that killed Daniel Martinez.

I was the first one the hospital called after it too. The e.m.’s took 20 minutes to get to Daniel after the first 911 call. I was his last cell call out and my name was tattooed on his arm, that's how they knew to call me. They lied to me they told me that he was alive and I had to come quick. I was the first to see him at the hospital.

He was dead. His head was clipped by the wheel. It was double wheels in the back. His torso was run over. His left leg flatten, his legs and arms broken, his ribs busted, his organs, all his bones was broken. He was all broken. I could feel with my fingertips his skull broken in pieces , cuts and bruises all over , tire tracks on his clothing and skin the right side of his head was missing hair and a big gash , he was bleeding his brains out his nose , ears , mouth, eyes, and out the back of his head.

I watched and held him as he bled out on to the hospital floor. They could not help him he had too much damage done to his whole body. Graphic photos are on the internet.  He made front page of all major newspapers. He was only 27 years old a hard working father and husband to me and our daughter, his only child.

Mr. West did everything wrong and Daniel Martinez did everything right that day and Danny lost his life. All because Mr. West drove that truck when he knew he wasn't supposed to. He murdered Daniel Martinez, and he got off with a ticket for running the red light and cops still let him drive off with the truck. He is still working for the company after I not Mr. West reported the death to them 3 weeks later. Two weeks after that Mr. West still has the truck parked outside his home.

Cops did not cover the body that's why there are graphic pictures out there. Cops did not question witnesses right away. Cops allowed Mr. West to drive off with the truck after knowing he did not have the right to drive the truck and it had blood on it. That was evidence they let him drive off with. This man can kill again. If cops and the company would have done their job Mr. West would not have killed and murdered Daniel Martinez.

It was hard to bury the love of my life, Mr. West took my future away, my daughter's future Danny's future, it was a night mare come true, a horror movie.

Please fix his story on line on your site please.

Bicyclist, 27, killed joyriding in front of Met Museum
He grabbed onto rear of truck, police say

By Clare Trapasso AND Sarah Armaghan

New York Daily News, Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A 27-year-old Bronx bike messenger was killed in front of a Manhattan museum as he was joyriding while holding onto the back of a commercial truck, police said.

Daniel Martinez was riding south on Fifth Avenue near E. 83rd Street around 6:30 p.m. when he grabbed onto the rear of a Ford F55, cops said.

When the vehicle came to a stop at a red light, Martinez flew underneath, just steps from the front entrance to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, cops said.

When the light turned green, the truck moved forward, uncovering the body of the cyclist, who lived on  Walton Ave. in University Heights.

"The man was lying lifeless," Alex Stanko, 28, of West Grove, Pa., said. "I didn't see him move."

"He was bleeding profusely. I've never seen anything like that in real life."

Martinez - who left behind a 10-year-old daughter - was pronounced dead at Lenox Hill Hospital, police and family said.

"He was a hard worker, he was a family man. He loved his daughter," said Martinez's cousin Jessica Bernacett, 26, of the Bronx. "It’s sad that he's gone."

"We loved him. We're all shocked."

Martinez’s brother Nelson, 36, said "he died too young."

"He was working, trying to support his family," Nelson Martinez said. "He's a responsible guy."

“It's just so sad and unfortunate," said the victim’s sister, Natalie Martinez, 29.

The truck remained at the scene and no criminality is suspected, cops said.

Cyclist Killed After Holding Onto Back Of Truck Outside Met
Gothamist, April 19,2012

A cyclist from the Bronx was killed outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art last evening after the pickup truck he was holding onto stopped for a red light, sending him flying underneath. The NYPD press office says Daniel Martinez, 27, was riding south on Fifth Avenue while holding onto the back of a black Ford F-550 truck. According to the Daily News, he "flew off his bike" when the truck stopped, and "when the light turned green, the truck moved forward, uncovering" Martinez's body.

DNAinfo reports that Martinez was hit "about 6:30 p.m." and the NYPD press office says police responded to the scene at 6:40 p.m. Six minutes later, a Columbia student who witnessed the accident Tweeted, "Bicyclist hit by SUV on 5th ave and 82nd. 20 minutes no ambulance. #WTF" Included with his Tweet, the student posted a graphic photo of the scene, which you can see here—but we warn you, it is graphic.
An FDNY spokesman tells us they received the call at 6:38 p.m., but they don't have information about when EMS actually arrived at the scene. According to the FDNY's record of the accident, Martinez was in serious condition when he was transported to Lenox Hill Hospital. The NYPD says he was pronounced DOA. The driver remained at the scene and "there is no criminality suspected."
Martinez, whom the News describes as a bike messenger, leaves behind a 10-year-old daughter. His cousintells the News, "He was a hard worker, he was a family man. He loved his daughter. It’s sad that he's gone."

Update 10:11 a.m.: We just spoke with a witness who saw the aftermath of the accident. He tells us he didn't see the moment of impact, but arrived "less than a minute" after Martinez was struck. The man, who asked not to be identified, says he was there before police arrived, and that by checking text messages sent immediately following the crash, he can confirm that Martinez was hit around 6:28 or 6:29 p.m. According to the best of his recollection, police arrived over five minutes later, but the EMS was not on the scene for at least 20 minutes.
"I was not under the impression the guy had expired until the ambulance was putting him on the stretcher," the witness tells us. "This is hard to report on for me because it's all visceral. I thought he was alive, I thought I saw him moving or responding. I don't know if he died on impact, I can't say for sure. People were trying to resuscitate him before police arrived, and their son was a witness, but the cops could not get anyone else to talk to them about the actual crash.

"But the police didn't start interviewing potential witnesses until 20 minutes after they showed up. So this was well over 20 minutes after any people who saw it—and were possibly grossed out—might have left. It was grisly. I was in shock, too. That said, the driver was there and stayed at the scene. And I don't want to insult the cyclist posthumously, but he wasn't wearing a helmet, and somebody else told me he had earphones in."
We asked the witness if the Daily News' description of the accident—that the cyclist "flew" under the truck when it stopped at a red light—seemed plausible to him. "No," he told us. "The body was about five feet from the west side sidewalk. Judging by where the body was in the intersection, I don't see how that is possible."