Glenn Adrian

San Francisco, 1960?-Aug.1981, drove truck into excavation off the Great Highway

Glenn Adrian was a good friend of mine and a great courier. According to the paper at the time and my recollection, Glenn had a bad scene with his uncle and sped off in his truck. He clipped a few cars and police started chasing him. He, I think, forgot that the Great Highway was dug up for a massive water project and he drove into the excavation at speed. The cops called our boss Rich Adkins from Rapid (not Special T) to ID the body.

A few days later - August 21st, 1981, we had a memorial at the end of Pier 9 where we'd all started (Speedy's). We threw Glenn's bike into the bay with a six-pack of Rainer Ale Tall Boys, his ticket pouch and some flowers from the Standard Oil Building garden at 525 Market bungeed in the basket (Glenn had a semi-bad-ass reputation, but when Lisa P. - a girl we all liked - asked him to swipe flowers from the 525 garden for her, he balked; she did the deed for his memorial).

A few things I remember about Glenn are:

Evening Magazine did a piece on Crud in 1980 and there's a shot where the Rocket Messenger garage door goes up and all the Rocket bikers ride out; Glenn is the redhead.

- Will Maus