George Pinto

New York City, d. 1988
crushed by semi-truck

If possible I would like to add to this list a biker who I rode with at Magnificent Messenger NYC (defunct). His name was George Pinto. He was from Rio in Brazil. His lust for life was rivaled by NO ONE! I can still hear him exclaim loudly: "I speak a-Spanish; I speak a-Bronx; I speak a- Brooklyn; I speak a- English; I speak a-PuertoRican; I speak a-Portuguese; I talk to the whole world!" on the sidewalk in front of the office. He had the driving lust of
the Dean character in On The Road. He worked 10 hour days-this mug was QUICK too!

I'm wish I had more info ­ only fragmented memories.

Thank You,

George was survived by his wife, two children, and his brother, who was a messenger also.