Joseph "Joey" Granati

New York City, d. 24.April.2011, hit by a car.


Bicyclist hit, killed by car in Brooklyn when his head smashed through window of the car

By Barry Paddock

New York Daily News,  April 25, 2011

A bicyclist was fatally hit by a car in Brooklyn yesterday, police said.

Joseph Granati, 39, of Bath Beach, was pedaling north on W. Ninth St. in Gravesend when he turned onto Avenue T and collided with a 2002 Nissan Altima traveling east just after 3 p.m., officials said.

Granati's head smashed through the rear passenger-side window of the car, cops said.

The Altima had a green light, cops said.

Granati died at the scene.

The 24-year-old driver of the Altima remained at the scene and was not charged with any crime, police said.


By Kurt Boone

For Joseph Granati, Mobile Messenger

I have seen the bicycle messenger ride
in and out of traffic in New York City.

I have seen the bicycle messenger
die on his last ride.

Maybe the booze
Maybe the wrong turn
Maybe no helmet
or just maybe no brakes.

Life is precious for goodness sake.

I remember Joe
I remember Bronx Jon
I remember Carl Hedrick
and I remember Peru

We are all messengers
For big business know our name.

A week before my book party and
Joe’s last ride. He said to me I hope
your book brings respect to the messenger life.

Tears are poring down my
eyes as I write this poem
on the F train ride home.

Rest In Peace My Brothers.

Though the money ain’t right
I am a courier for life.