Kati "La Real Esa" Sauvita Niñoa
Bogotá, d. 9.February.2019, killed on the job by a hit and run taxi.

Kati Sauvita 

Kati Sauvita, also known as LaRealEsa was a Bogotá bike messenger, activist, leader of the community and known throughout the world. She founded "Queens BiciMensajeras," a bike messenger company lead, operated and driven by women. She was also a talented musician, singer and performer. Kati was hit and killed by a driver of a taxi who fled the scene on February 9, 2019


El día de hoy, Sábado 9 de Febrero del 2019 muere Kathy en un accidente fatal con un Taxi en Bogotá, Colombia. Kathy, también conocida como LaRealEsa, fue una figura muy importante para el desarrollo de la mensajería en Colombia. Fundó Queens BiciMensajeras, una empresa desarrollada y fomentada por mujeres que se dedican a la "Messlife" en la ciudad de Bogotá.  Recordaremos a Kathy como una de las personas mas influyentes dentro de la escena en Colombia. Una chica llena de valores buenos, siempre dando el buen ejemplo, haciéndonos reflexionar y reír siempre. Descansa en paz, pedaleando amiga. – Bryce Steven

Today, Saturday, February 9, 2019 Kathy dies in a fatal accident with a Taxi in Bogotá, Colombia. Kathy, also known as LaRealEsa, was a very important figure for the development of messaging in Colombia. She founded Queens BiciMensajeras, a company developed and promoted by women who are dedicated to the "Messlife" in the city of Bogotá. We will remember Kathy as one of the most influential people on the scene in Colombia. A girl full of good values, always setting a good example, making us always reflect and laugh. Rest in peace, pedaling friend. – Bryce Steven

In the toughest moments, you set my hand, you gave it to all the messengers we had the honor of working by your side, delivering something more than documents, delivered to all hope,
To those who were able to ride by your side, laugh, cry, fall and rise, thanks to you katty... the unbreakable.
The boss
The parcera
The mother
Lareal Esa thanks for everything!

- Shon Baron


  Sad, Sad News From Our Friends in Bogotá, Colombia 🙏🏽💔🙏🏽 our Lil’ Queen Sister Passed away this morning due to a terrible Car Accident! She Loved Messengering. She Played & Loved Music! Now she will ride with our Messenger Angels and bring God her music 🎶 Sleep in Peace @larealesa  you will be Missed tremendously but Never Forgotten 🚴🏼‍♀️👸🏽🚴🏼‍♀️ 🇨🇴 - Fernando Rivera


Three cyclists killed in accident streak over the weekend

According to preliminary data this year there are 8 cases, compared to 6 reported in 2018 for the same period.

Katherine Suavita, a recognized leader of the bicycle and who also made music, was killed in the early hours of Saturday by a taxi that fled, according to preliminary versions of the case.

‘Kathy LarealEsa’, as all her friends, colleagues and followers knew her on her Facebook account, was 33 years old. The hypothesis that is handled is a possible speeding of the taxi driver who hit it at 2:46 in the morning on 145th Street with 111th race of the town of Suba, as reported by the Mobility Secretariat.

I was married to Juan Felipe Santamaría. Between the two they formed the Bicipachanga collective, which with vallenata, salsa, merengue and cumbia music looked for unused spaces at night, such as tunnels, bridges or parks, to prevent street inhabitants and thieves from appropriating these sites by making them insecure, as It appears in the article of THE TIME published in February 2015.

According to information on social networks, she was one of the ‘two-dimensional queens’, a group of women that seeks to strengthen and empower the spaces that combine between bicycle, art and work, as well as being recognized and respected among groups.

Michael Steven Sánchez Navas, a bike activist, said she was always trying to show the happy part and that it was also a point of union with other cyclists.

This case is added to that of two other deceased cyclists, according to the official report of the Secretary of Mobility. This is a 27-year-old man who lost his life in the town of Fontibón, west of the capital, "because of a driver of a van that ran away," Mobility Secretary Juan Pablo Bocarejo wrote. Meanwhile, a 25-year-old boy was hit by a dump truck in the Tunjuelito sector, south of the city.

The numbers of cyclists killed in traffic accidents are increasing this year. As of 2019, according to preliminary data, there have been 8 cases compared to 6 reported in 2018 for this same time, according to the official source.

In social networks, the bicycle groups, as well as Kathy's friends, could not believe what happened and asked the authorities to investigate who caused his death. They also requested that the videos of the area be analyzed, that the public service vehicle be identified and all the investigation be carried out to capture the driver.

La Real Esa

OneBeat 2015 Fellow

Accordion Player, Vocalist Bogota, Colombia

Katherine Suavita Niño, who performs under the name La Real Esa, is a vocalist, accordion player, tap dancer and circus performer. Her music is part of a new wave of Urban Cumbia (now popular across Latin America) that infuses traditional styles with elements of rock, punk, and hip-hop. She leads the band Los Asesinos del Ritmo — one of the most successful outfits playing Urban Cumbia in Bogota — with her strident accordion playing and commanding vocals.  More than simply a musician, La Real Esa sees herself as a complete artist and entrepreneur who seeks to work with communities affected by violence through art.


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