John "Jack" Marsh

San Francisco, d. 18.August.1999. killed in a motorcycle accident in the East Bay

REQUIEM FOR a comrade-in-legs: Tim Lockfeld writes, "Jon Marsh (Jack to everyone) died in a motorcycle accident last Wednesday. He was a bike messenger for 20 years, he hopped freight trains all over the country, he surfed, he skated and was president of JAK's skate team, he worked nights at Bimbo's. He looked a little like Elvis. He hung around the Mabuhay as a teenager and broke a hundred hearts. His wake will be Saturday, Stairway No. 3, Ocean Beach, 6 p.m.''

­ Scott Ostler
San Francisco Chronicle, August 26, 1999 Thursday

I just got back from the East Coast today and found out myself. Talked to Tom Scott and he said he was killed several days ago in the East Bay, hit by a semi-truck. Apparantly no one knew for a few days because he wasn't carrying ID.

Besides John Marsh being a good friend and someone I loved, we both rode the exact same dirtbikes, Yamaha XT 600's and both loved to talk about our motorbike adventures. I know John is saying keep on having fun and live life out to the fullest.