Mike Dyck
Toronto, d. 23.December.2013

Mike Dyck
Photo by Trevor Hughes

From Nicholas Sinclair‎:

It is with a heavy heart that I must step up and report the passing of Mike Dyck. After a long battle with his health, spending five months in hospital we lost Mike "Big Chubba" Dyck this past December 23, 2013. Mikey has been a powerful force impacting all of our memories. Whether he rubbed you the wrong way or not, his melancholy style was unforgettable. Mike was the ultimate "cool" guy. From the snowboard stickers on his Harley (pissing off the bikers), having a drink with the best of us, to dating the hottest of girlfriends. Mikey was a brother to all of us in his own way.

Personally I shared many a snowboarding road trip into Québec for adventures holding countless stories. I used to swing by his mum's home on Dundonald, just to watch him squeeze out of his basement bedroom window, hop in the car and drive up to Lake Simcoe only to crack open a cider on some random picnic table by the water's edge. We had no reason to go up to the lake but hey, a road trip is a road trip and Big Chubba was down for that.
Mike had pursued an education as a chef to entertain his passion for food, of which I was extremely proud and encouraged. Mike was provided with a quality education from the years prior to entering our lives, so from this he would approach things with a certain degree of grace and confidence. Michael had a huge heart and although he did not always chose to share that with everyone, those of us who were graced by it recognized it right away.

Michael Dyck
May 9, 1967-December 23, 2013

May you reach the highest peak Mikey and shred the deepest powder.

Rest in peace brother.

The funeral for Mike will be held on January 4th at 2pm at Glebe Road United Church
20 Glebe Road East, Toronto M4S 1N6

Michael is survived by his loving mother Shirley Dyck, his sister Carolyn Bromley, her family, niece Alison, nephews Eric & David), long time girlfriend (who Mike had spoken very highly of) Roma Kail. All whom of which were able to provide comfort in Mike's life.
Michael's father Frank and brother Barry had both sadly passed on earlier in life, which had a noticeable impact on Mike.

Everyone I have listed here including yourselves who are reading this made a strong impact on our beloved fallen brother. Thank you. — with Michael "Big Chubba" Dyck.

Mike Dyck
Photo by Trevor Hughes


Very well said My man. So sorry for your loss brother. Sadly, nobody has really had the time to heal from each of the years passings. At least we have the community to lean on at times like these. That has always been my favourite part of this demented family of ours.
HEY, He was such a loveable prick though wasn't he? Hahahaha  Rest IN Peace bro. Mike Dyck and I had a long lasting love/hate relationship and we'll leave it at that. It all changed one evening at the Horseshoe Tavern in the mid nineties when we ran into each other at a Local H show. We were probably both in shock to see each other since nobody really admits to liking them and we both loved that band. nonetheless we got hammered together, formed a 2 man pit and tore shit up the way only two couriers could (should). R.I.P brother. What a tough year crew, hopefully this is last for a while. - Jesse Mackowycz

Just found out an old work mate and bigger than life gentleman, Mike Dyck has passed away. Very sad news. Rest in peace, you will be missed. – Derek Chadbourne

I haven't seen 456 since I moved to pei. He always was a legend from messing with him @ uml to our times @ the stand by. "It's been a hard year for our brother's & sister's far to many losses. My heart is heavy
RIP 456.I'm filling my flask & going for a long snow shoe with the good times we had in my thoughts - Brad Carson

Heartbreaking news, my condolences to all his family & friends..Gone but never forgotten <3 RIP Mike - Yvette Gagne Ross

Helen Reeves – Super Legend forever.....what a (mike) dyck!!!!!

Obituary for Michael David Dyck:

Michael Dyck Died peacefully at Mount Sinai Hospital on Monday, December 23, 2013, at the age of 46. Son of Shirley and the late Frank Dyck. Brother of Carolyn Bromley and the late Barry Dyck. Uncle of Alison, Eric and David. Dear friend of Roma Kail. Beloved by all. A service to celebrate Michael’s life will held in GLEBE ROAD UNITED CHURCH, 20 Glebe Road East on Saturday, January 4 at 2:00 p.m. Funeral arrangements under the direction of the Humphrey Funeral Home A.W. Miles Chapel Limited, Toronto

Mike Dyck

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