Matty Luv MacLeod

San Francisco, heroin-, alcohol-, and Klonopins-related death
1968 - 5.October.2002

Matty Luv

Worked at Aero in the early 90s, bands: Fuck Boyz, Hickey, and was DJ Queenie in Dr. Dre Del's Mike of Defiance.

Matty Luv (aka Matthew MacLeod), San Francisco Underground King. Genius musician, leader of The Naked Cult of Hickey. Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Lover of the Mission. Brother of Scotty & Aesop. Loved by many. He is still with us. His soul still rides the thousands of miles of roads he toured. Like the Headless Horseman he rides, 'cept he has a head, and really great get the idea. We miss you! VIVA AMOR!

Maximum Rock and Rock Radio Archives #799 10/12/02:
RAW POWER - Raw Power
Paul Curran - Bay Area
STFU - Deconstruct
FLESHIES - Luchador
THE EDDIE HASKELS - Dumpster Divin'
QUEEN COBRA - Satan of the 90's
Craigums - In memory of Matty Luv 1968-2002
HICKEY - Make sure there's no squares at my funeral
HICKEY - Hey cutie pie
MATTY LUV acoustical set at the Pink Probe Palace in the couple weeks between the FUCKBOYZ and HICKEY
HICKEY - Revolution $19.95
DR DRE DEL (and Matty Luv as DJ QUEENIE) Make room for whitey
YOGURT - Reagan still sux
FUCKBOYZ - Last honest auto mechanic in america
YOGURT - Cars are the dinosaurs of tomorrow
FUCKBOYZ - Sodomy laws (were meant to be broken)
DR DRE DEL - Dr Dre Del gets laid
HICKEY - Her prosthetic hands
HICKEY - Last nite on the planet
HICKEY - Everyone's a whore
A touching moment with FRANK VOODOO GLOWSKULL
UNIT BREED - Three months forever