Mike Meaney
Portland, d. 30.January.2018


Trying to smother my grief with gratitude. Meaney, I think of you often and can't help but smile because you really are one of a kind. I can't wait to tell my kids stories of your legend and what you taught us simply by being you. - Cecily Hutchins


Just a heads up to all my messfam and friends of Icee Mike aka Mike Meaney, I will be making a special Flash sheet in remembrance of Mike and each tattoo design on this sheet will have a set price. So stay tuned! (ONLY for Friends and Family of Icee Mike) - Joshua Bighaus


UPDATE: we have reached and exceeded our fundraising goal! Thank you to everybody who loved Meaney enough to blow this thing out of the water. I am leaving donations open because any excess goes towards preventing any more tragedies like this in the future, but we already have more than enough for the memorial dugout thanks to every one of you.


As you all probably know, our friend Mike Meaney passed away suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this week. His life was full of people who had some of their best memories with him, and his loss will be felt deeply by everybody for years to come. Nothing will ever take the place that Mike Meaney had in all of our hearts, and I know that no one will ever forget how he went out of his way to make sure that everyone around him never had a bad time.


Portland Parks and Recreation offers the Adopt-A-Bench program, where for a $3,000 (plus $300 for the plaque) donation they will refurbish, maintain, and install a personalized plaque on the bench of your choice in a Portland park. I checked, and the dugout bench at the Irving Park kickball field (bench 3879) is available for adoption. And, as you can see in the link below, it could use some sprucing up. So I propose that all of Meaney's friends chip in a little bit to fix up one of the places we had the most fun with him, and the name Mike Meaney can ring out in Irving Park forever.


The GoFundMe fees are 2.9% of the total, plus a $0.30 per transaction flat fee, so I have set the goal to be $200 higher than needed. The plaque also may cost more or less than $300, so if there are any leftover donations, or if our donations do not reach the goal, after the whole process I will donate them to the Peoples' Harm Reduction Alliance to help to prevent tragedies like this in the future.- Jordan Wiener




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