Nathan Burnett

San Francisco, d.2003
Blueprint Services, illness

Nathan was from Brooklyn- I remember talking to him one day and a bit of Brooklynese slipped out though he tried to suppress it so I asked. He is supposed to have a brother there but no one was able to locate him. No one to claim him.

Nathan was a biker for BPS until they decided to use walkers (too cheap to pay the insurance?) which was when I started at BPS. We worked together for a year or so until I got laid off, and became friends. Made some memories. I doubt that many of you knew Nathan, but he was one of those people that got along with everyone and we all at BPS loved him. I just found out that Nathan died a few months ago. Some sort of infection, I don't know. I should have kept in touch since I lost my walker job. Something for all of us to think about? So anyone who knew Nathan, I hope you will remember him. Wherever you are my friend, I miss you.