Nestor Dario Guzman

San Francisco, 20.Dec.1979 - 30.April.2003
First Legal, Godspeed, killed in motorcycle accident

Nestor was and will always be my boyfriend, but most importantly my best friend. There are no words to express the incredible sadness I am suffering. I am alone in this world without his companionship. I will cherish him forever. Our lives were one unit. For the last 3 years, every action either of us made was in consideration of the other. He was so beautiful, amazing, ambitious and brilliant. Thank you to everyone who cared for him.

After talking with his friend and coworker, we came to a better conclusion as to how the accident occurred. He approached New Mo riding on Minna alley, thought he was clear and proceeded to turn left onto the one way. As he was accelerating onto New Mo, he realized that there was an oncoming BMW, driven by a 19 year old, and accelerated so quickly he went into a wheelie. The car hit his right side and he was thrown from his motorcycle and across the street. His bike went on to hit a pedestrian; Nestor always hated peds. His helmet impacted the curb, and the EMT's pronounced him dead.

Nestor's best friend and girlfriend

Nestor was my best friend. Me and my brother considered him family, There will be a place in me that will never heal from his loss, The only way I can cope with his loss is by remembering he is still around. He is up there looking out for all of the people he cared about. My deepest condolences go to his sisters, his parents and the other half of Nestor's life, Michele.1 Post will never be the same.




Nestor was an amazing person that I will never forget. I can't express in words how I feel about him not being here anymore. I just shake my head in confusion. How can someone so young and full of promise be gone? My thoughts are with his parents, Michele, and everyone that is feeling his loss.

Nestor, thank you for helping me see that I deserved better.

Love you, Becca

As one of the brightest sparks in my English class in '95-'96, Nestor Guzman gave me many fond memories. My colleagues and I were stunned by news of his passing. Nestor's energy was an important asset for a teacher to channel. If Nestor showed enthusiasm (as he did almost always) for exploring the issues in a reading passage or writing assignment, he swept his peers along. While he sometimes took a Puck-like stance against authority and the regimentation of school, his intellectual vitality was never in doubt. My most memorable time with Nestor was during an activity based on John Rawls' theory of distributive justice. After telling the class that a total of 324 grade points had been earned collectively on a recent assignment, I told them that I would award the points in any manner they saw fit. They could distribute them equally; they could give them all to one student; they could appoint a board of trustees and bank them for the future. The only catch was that there had to be absolute consensus. If just one student objected to the class's proposal and wanted out, the points would be awarded as individually earned. Then I sat down and listened to them debate. Having done this assignment with a number of classes, I've noticed that usually only 15-20 minutes pass before at least one student backs out and ends the debate. 45 minutes is an unusually long time for it to go on. Under Nestor's sway, however, his class took 3 days before one of their members caved and they all accepted the points as individually earned.

May Nestor's spirit continue to inspire those who knew him.

-Ralph Goldstein
Damien High School
La Verne, CA

Nestor was very fine, kind person and great member of the whole community that will be deeply missed by all. He was surely the shining star of S.F. last year at the championships in Europe, riding the whole 160k from Berlin to Grozwo, Poland on his fixie, nearly winning the fix stand in Copenhagen, and getting best out-of-towner in the Hamburg-post-championship alley cat. And he did everything with a humble yet enthusiastic energy. I know I was a little prouder to be from S.F. and there by associated with him. He was a person not soon to be forgotten. Best wishes to you all - Bernie

I heard yesterday that my friend Nestor Guzman was killed in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday evening. Nestor was one of the coolest people that I knew, and now I have a big hole in my heart where he used to be. I’m sure that a lot of people feel likewise. I hope that everyone at Godspeed is dealing with this as well as possible. Once again, I'm really sorry that this happened and my thoughts are with everyone and Nestor's family especially.


Motorcyclist killed, pedestrian injured
SF Chronicle

An unidentified man was killed Wednesday evening when a car hit the motorcycle he was riding, sending him sliding down New Montgomery Street and into a pedestrian. The pedestrian was hospitalized, as was the shaken-up driver of the car, said San Francisco Fire Department spokesman Lt. Barry Wong. Their conditions were not available, but Wong said he didn't believe either was seriously injured. Wong said it was unclear what caused the accident, which occurred shortly before 6 p.m. near Minna Street. Both the car and the motorcycle were traveling from Mission Street toward Howard Street on New Montgomery Street, which is one-way.

Photo by Akeem.