Robert "Teen" Powell

San Francisco, d. 1992
SFDS, suicide by hanging

Robert Powell was the Vice-President of the Hanx. He was devoted to his wife Wendy, and could often be seen biking around the city, giving her rides in his basket. When she passed, he put on a cheery face, but friends were highly concerned about him. There concerns proved correct when one night, no longer wanting to live without Wendy, he decided to take his own life. He was a good-humored and warm-hearted man and is still missed to this day. -America

To my friend,

Once again I am perplexed by that unanswerable question where do they go when they are gone? If I knew, I'd fax you a message and that is: that you are missed, by me and a lot of other people. We respectfully followed your wish by throwing your earthly remains off the Golden Gate bridge, you made one helluva splash, then floated gently away with the out-going tide. Well, wherever you are I hope they have beer, 'cause I know you and Wendy will be right next to the tap...forever

your pal,