Ryan "Bonanza" Rhoads
Philadelphia, d. October.2017.


RIP Ryan Rhoads. I will never forget roaming NYC as a Philly messenger with you and Brian Bennet, drinking 8 cans of Sparks each, partying at Time's Up on Houston and racing in the financial district the next day. Your energy and humor will be missed. Devastated. – Cory Hilliard


He lived a hard and fast life and was a really good and amazing person. Ryan will be missed - . Jason Herzfeld


Ryan Bonanza Rhoads - ain't another one like you homie. I'll miss you. Your famz out here gonna miss you. Never been good at photos with friends but here's a few memories. You one of the weirdos that accidentally taught me a lot about life. Here's to a peaceful great beyond. - Matt Schenck


Fuck this shit. I was up half the night thinking about Ryski and the great times at his place, climbing to the crow’s nest that scared the shit out of me, trying to ride on his half pipe even though I didn’t skate, him clowning around and messing with people and he was one of nicest guys out there. I didn’t stay in touch with him very well or many of you tagged (and a bunch of others who I forgot to tag or aren’t on FB). I left Philly over 10 years ago but I still think of y’all as family. Wish I could have told him that while he was still with us. Long Live Bonanza! – Jacob Blickenov



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