Sherwood Brewer

San Francisco, d. 2004
died from HIV complications, walker at Speedway and Aero

I often glance thru the site and think of all the people I've dispatched and biked with over the years I've been in the business. I worked at Aero, Speedway, Western etc...
I just wanted to add something about Sherwood Brewer. I knew Sherwood before I was in the messenger scene. He was not the bum collecting cans and cardboard in SOMA. He was one of the fastest walking messengers I've ever dispatched.  He would carry on a hand truck 4 bankers boxes weighing 200lbs up hill on Calif to 650 Cal faster then any walker or biker ever did.  He was a happy go lucky guy, and I hope you can add a blurb about him to your site and maybe some will remember him better.


An eight-page rush job hardly does justice to our fallen friends and fails to accurately represent: GENIUS GONE WILD. Generous, loyal, and resilient are three words that ultimately best describe our phenomenal friend and spiritual advisor/recreation instructor Sherwood Brewer – RIP. However in the minds of many thousands of mere acquaintances, his admirable qualities, and the intellectual inventory behind his brilliant glossary of re-written vocabulary (still used today), were often overshadowed by his striking impact and buried beneath the belligerent behavior, chemically chard compulsion, and intoxicated infamy of a social institution ever present at every important concert and underground party of the San Francisco scene. Because from the birth of his metallic party interest, to his subsequent decline and inevitable end of the party, the self-proclaimed “Last of the Trues” carried the cross for our compromise to survive, as the “scene” continued to die… So whenever you party remember to honor THE WOOD. Rock in Peace.

-from a memorial zine