Stefan Brustowicz

San Francisco, d. 19.February.2010, suicide
Dispatcher at Silver Bullet

Stefan Brustowicz took his own life very early this morning. Please pray for his safe transition into the next, and for the broken hearts of his wife, his boys and all of us who loved him so deeply. RIP Stefan. –Elizabeth August.

I worked under Stefan for four years. I was 61 and 69. There was one day that I called in sick and said, "What? I thought we didn't have to work because it was Columbus Day." And he said, "Really? Okay." Then next day, I called in and he said, "Six-one? I thought it was Columbus Day." He kept this up for at least at week. He was the smartest dispatcher - I would never know because I was the biggest rookie. I was living in Mission and he said blah-blah-blah Marina and then go back to Treat Street, where I lived. From the Marina to the Mission there was no shortcut. He was very crafty.

Let's put it that way, he tried to discipline his messengers. He made some friends – the best thing about Stefan, you would walk into a law firm around 3.30pm to pick up a round trip City Hall. The receptionist would say that's not ready. You'd call in and he would do freeform radio. "Those people!? They don't have their shit together?" Meanwhile you're standing in the lobby and the receptionist would be like, What? He'd tell you to get out of there. He made the bike messenger feel above the receptionist or the clerk or the lawyer. He could be explicit and tell us to get out of there. He gave empowerment to the messenger, saying move on, you're important, get your other tag. he let you know that your time was worth as much as their time. I thought the guy was brilliant and hilarious.

I hope there's cheese bread in heaven. –Stephen MacMurray