Scott "Robin Hood" Maynard

San Francisco, d. 2006

Robin Hood aka Scott was my close buddy and dearest friend. He was as well beloved and notoriously known by many other messengers. Scott’s life and runnings reached all over through the messenger world and into pirate radio, Buddhist practice, and just straight up San Francisco. He was quiet but always moving through the city. He kept a pulse on life around him. Whether off to surf with “Jack” or a Saturday run to Harvey's -- his timing was impeccable to be there for someone at the right time. A kind word, a little cash or stop for a sec to help with someone’s bike, he was on it.

Scott’s life was a colorful one; each person who knows him has a story to tell. As well I spent time traveling with him in Japan, he never lost the beat - He loved life and all that was around him, he gave back to at that moment...

A moment I remember with Scott … I remember heading to do Buddhist prayers with the priests at the temple in the East Bay one Saturday morning. We rolled about 5 am. Stocked up on espresso, with Beastie Boy beats blasting on his new system. We rolled on to the Oakland Bay Bridge at about 95 miles per hour. He looked at me and said, “ po-lease... yo, dude! Check out that sunrise. It’s a beauty!” The way he said it put a new spin on something I’d seen a million times. So if ya happen to put on the Beastie Boys’ “Bodhisattva Vow,” you will probably hear Scott say, “Yo, dude! Check it out.” He always saw the miracles.

Like Prez said, “I’m gonna fax you where you are, and tell ya I miss and love ya.”

-Jeffy G


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