Santana Bonilla Medina
Philadelphia, d. 10.May.2019


Santana was a veteran Philadelphia bike messenger with friends in many cities. He was loved around the world.

I canít sleep. Iím so sad & even these words feel inadequate to describe losing Santana in this way, at this time. He made an impact on me from our first meeting many years ago. He always made me feel safe & respected. He truly cared. He felt deeply & loved deeply. Santana was an amazing listener & had wisdom beyond his years. All heart. Truly one of a kind. I will always love him. Ė Maria Carvalho Sandoval

Yesterday evening i went out for a jog, it was the first this week since it had been rainy and cold the few days prior. everywhere i looked i saw reminders of santana. the strongest of all being a young kid on a skateboard with a backpack zooming past me and pushing off his foot with so much force so as to get to his maximum speed as quickly as possible. may have been my crazy mind or it may have been the universe but i could barely keep my regular (which is already pretty slow) pace for more than a few minutes at a time. he has been all over my thoughts for days, haunting me, like his presence is all around me. it is undeniable the impact he has had on so many. perhaps it is because it was at a most impressionable time in my adolescence but even though my time with him was so short, my memories of him are more vivid than a lot of the last two decades. - Kandice Marcacci

The universe is a strange and demanding creature. I was thinking of Santana out of the blew a couple of weeks ago and how kind and generous he is/was. When I lived in Philly (2009-2010) I lived on the street behind his house on 24th & Ringgold. My partner and I were having crazy fights and Santana came home with me one night to help me grab some stuff, he had offered to let me crash at his pad till things died down. When I woke up in the morning, he had rearranged his whole room and told me it was a safe place for me and my daughter to live there as long as we needed. We never did, because my partner and I fixed things. But I will never forget feeling so welcomed by someone who was kind of a stranger to me at the time. In fact I've always felt guilty that I didn't let him know how much that meant to me.
So thank you Santana, you were one of a kind - I hope I can be that selfless one day. - Sandy Peacock

I don't have a physical picture of my most precious memory of Santana B-Medina, but it's engrained in my memory. We ended up crashing in the same bed super late after a night of debaucherous adventures. We talked for hours about some deep and personal stuff. I remember the sun was coming up and we fell asleep holding each other. Nothing creepy or sexual - it was totally plutonic. Just two friends, comfortable sharing stories and secrets, and sleeping next to each other. It was one of the most tender and intimate, honest and real, heart warming moments I've ever shared with any human being. I wish I could have that night with him again. I would hold him tighter and would not let go. - Michelle Smolka


I love you so much I want you to know I always have fun wherever we go. In my feels today seeing all the posts of Santana B-Medina and of course it also brings back the Ja Cobs size hole in my heart. Hug your friends and my heart goes out to the Cutthroats Bicycle Club family. I love you all dearly - Callie Watts

Its taken me more than a few hours to write this and it still wonít do in retrospect. Santana B-Medina, you meant more to me than youíll ever know. You were kind to me when being kind wasnít cool. You were the rowdiest and softest one in the room. Always and forever our huckleberry. Mi Latino hermano (along with Pablo Airaldi). Te quiero mucho mi amor. Tranquilo. - Rosie Frangi

Iíve been dreading this day for a long time. Iím sorry I couldnít reach out to you more...I love you bb boy. Our drive to Richmond. Trips to the farm. You coming to New Orleans. Us living together. Us sharing multiple elevators at work. Iím sorry you were sad...Iím sorry we couldnít pull you up anymore. - Jess Craine

The loss of Santana has help me reconnect with Kandice. I may have been 20 years since we saw or spoke to each other but an outsider wouldnít have known. We just shared stories, laughed and even cried a little. I think that would have made Santana smile to see Kan and I together again! We all know the smile I am talking about! Ė Bridget Farrarie

Ya dude Santana was amazing. He really came through for me years ago when I needed somebody. Ill never forget that. He was so giving. Super sweetheart. Sad day for me. Ė Sandy Peacock

Mess Fam we gotta talk to each other man. Santana, gonna miss you CARNAL! Always had anyoneís back even through hard times. Just saw your roommate & he reminded me to txt you  Gonna MISS YOU SANTANA - Jawn F Kennedy


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